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Centre for Economic Data and Analysis

The Economics Department of Ashoka University is setting up the Centre for Economic Data and Analysis (CEDA) with the primary aim of facilitating informed debate about economic and social developments in India by developing a data repository that is accessible, searchable and usable by varied stakeholders such as researchers, journalists, analysts and students.


While a lot of data exist in different places, they are often not easy to locate, or buried deep within hard-to-navigate digital platforms. At other times, they are simply not available to the general public. The data centres that currently exist work in isolation, and there is no centralised hub within the existing data architecture through which users can easily access data that can meet their needs. CEDA aims to be that hub by compiling data on a wide range of themes such as standards of living, demography, gender, health, education, governance, public administration, trade, prices, crime, in addition to GIS data.


CEDA will provide tools for high quality, interactive data visualisation with the power to succinctly summarise large amounts of information into clear and concise, easy to understand statements. In addition to providing data for public use, the centre will also provide valuable research and analytical experience to Ashoka undergraduate and graduate students, who can associate with CEDA as interns and research assistants, as well as use the data for their individual research.


Ashwini Deshpande will be CEDA’s first Director, and will be assisted by an Advisory Committee consisting of Pulapre Balakrishnan, Anisha Sharma, Sabyasachi Das and Head, Department of Economics, Bharat Ramaswami.