The Vision


Andre Beteille

Professor Andre Beteille
National Research Professor
Professor Emeritus, Delhi School of Economics
Ph.D. University of Delhi


I think Ashoka University is extremely relevant because this kind of broad-based learning in the humanities and social sciences contributes to the making of a democratic citizenship. Our country needs informed citizens who can question the status quo. This is what teaching at Ashoka meant for me, encouraging students to ask questions and find answers for themselves. It also helped me to explore my own ideas with the active collaboration of the students.

The impact of Ashoka need not only be direct; its success will have an indirect impact as well through its research, students and programmes. Therefore, our aim is to make this education accessible to as many people as we can manage within our constraints. I believe we have started well and should persevere on this path. We should keep in mind the objective of a liberal education, which, ultimately is an education and preparation for democratic citizenship.


Vice Chancellor

Rudrangshu Mukherjee-png1

Professor Rudrangshu Mukherjee
Former Editor – Editorial Pages, The Telegraph
D.Phil. University of Oxford



The education that is offered in Ashoka University is directed to equip students to deal with life. Here students are taught to read, to question and to think for themselves. They are also taught how to communicate their thought logically and lucidly through writing and speech. By enabling students to think critically, Ashoka aims to empower students to be better citizens of and for the world. Ashoka aspires to open the windows and doors of a student’s mind.

Ashoka pursues excellence. Our goal is to be the best. This ambition makes Ashoka always a work in progress. We invite students to grow with us. The best is yet to be.


Pro Vice Chancellor


Vineet Gupta
MD, Jamboree Education
B.Tech. IIT Delhi



Ashoka University’s vision is to be an outstanding institution of higher education and research for India and the world. Ashoka’s emphasis on a holistic interdisciplinary liberal education is like a breath of fresh air. An education at Ashoka equips students to be good communicators, effective problem solvers, critical thinkers and ethical leaders who can make the world a better place. Ashoka is founded on the principles of collective philanthropy, which is unique in the Indian context. We are also committed to making sure that Ashoka’s education is accessible to all. We admit students on merit but provide scholarships on need. India needs many more institutions of excellence in higher education and we hope that Ashoka University can become a role model for other such institutions.

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More than 50% of our students are on scholarships.


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