Institution Review Board

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) comprises a committee that reviews and approves research involving human subjects. The purpose of the IRB is to ensure that all human subject research be conducted in accordance with legal, institutional, and professional ethical guidelines.


Mission Statement
To conduct independent reviews about the ethical implications of research projects that involve human subjects, proposed by Ashoka academic staff or students.

Our Guiding Principles
The Ashoka IRB is guided by the following principles when evaluating all ethics approval applications:

  1. All research, regardless of funding sources and authority of the investigators involved, must comply with legal, institutional, and professional ethical guidelines;
  2. IRB members will consult with experts in the field — bearing in mind researcher confidentiality — whenever he or she does not possess enough knowledge to evaluate a particular application;
  3. Both potential benefits and costs of the research will be evaluated;
  4. The IRB strives to be efficient in responding to all applications.


The Committee comprises of faculty members with different expertise. Your IRB application may be reviewed by any of the member(s), and in cases where clinical issues are involved (e.g., psychological trauma research), it may also be reviewed by our professional counselors in the Center for Individual and Group Experience (CIGE).

Kai Qin Chan (Chair)

Ratul Lahkar

Gilles Verniers
Political Science

Malvika Maheshwari
Political Science

Application Form

Submit the application form to Kai Qin Chan, Chair of the IRB, via email: Applicants can generally expect a reply from the IRB within two weeks from the date of submission. Please download the application form here.

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