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Ashoka University currently has four academic schools that confer Bachelor of Arts degrees and post-graduate diplomas. These schools and their prospective departments encourage academic and research collaborations in order to establish an exciting interdisciplinary environment on campus.


School of Arts and Humanities The School of Arts and Humanities offers courses on the arts, literature, and philosophy that introduces our students to the nature of humanistic inquiry. An intensive study in the humanities, moreover, challenges the way students consider the world around them and invite them to develop new theories regarding society and our place in it. Students will critically examine works of art, literature, and theory from around the world in order to expand their horizons and prepare themselves for our globalized world. They will be able to move beyond their own assumptions towards a deeper understanding of human life and its perplexities.

School of Economics The School of Economics is the centre for the study and research of economic issues that societies face worldwide. Its multi-focal inquiry into the discipline of Economics addresses key questions about the functioning of an economy , the determinants and consequences of different economic systems, mathematical models of economic analysis, and analysis of the social consequences of economic decisions. This inquiry, supported in part by academic research undertaken at the School of Social Sciences, will also focus on the research and teaching of sophisticated tools of economic analysis and how this analysis applies to public policies.

School of Social Sciences The School of Social Sciences promotes a deep appreciation for the analysis of society in all its dimensions. The social sciences are concerned with the common elements and collective dimensions of the human experience. Classes will be offered in anthropology and sociology whose topics include language acquisition, social identity, civil rights and political institutions, kinship and culture, international relations, epochal change, and child development. These subjects will prepare students for the globalised world by honing their ability to see connections across cultures and society in an objective manner.

School of Natural & Applied Sciences The School of Natural & Applied Sciences offers an immersion in mathematical, computational and systems analysis methodologies for students interested in scientific inquiry. Courses are offered in psychology, environmental science, computer science as well as information science, all of which will give students a chance to study the human psyche. Students will develop analytical rigor, learn to reason coherently, and gain essential skills needed for navigating the world of the pure sciences.


Centre for Entrepreneurship The Centre for Entrepreneurship focuses on developing student skills outside the classroom in entrepreneurship and leadership, in order to prepare them for the professional world. The Centre will arrange a wide array of workshops, guest sessions, and mentoring activities for students. It will also act as the primary gateway to industry tie-ups and collaborations in order to assist students with summer internships as well as jobs after graduation. The Centre for Entrepreneurship will also support the Ashoka Quest, a unique social internship for students, which takes place during the fourth year of the undergraduate degree programme. For more information, please click here.

Centre for Individual and Group Experience The Centre for Individual and Group Experience (CIGE) is one-of-a-kind on-campus counselling center at Ashoka University which is dedicated to the care and well-being of mental health of the Ashoka fraternity. It is comprised of trained psychoanalytic psychotherapists and a mental health counsellor who offer a range of services from individual counselling sessions to group workshops. The Centre also works towards building awareness about mental health issues by organising guest sessions, seminars and educational workshops. For more information, please click here. 

Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy The Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) perceives two major needs for social impact in India today. One is to influence the capital to be more strategic and informed; the second is to ensure that the capital can be effectively absorbed. To do this, the Centre aims to leverage Ashoka University’s rich student body and academics to foster strategic philanthropic action and help build capacity for social institutions.  The Centre envisions to be the foremost organisation for early as well as seasoned social entrepreneurs and philanthropists for research. It will do so by analysing gaps in social impact and philanthropy, creating a framework to address these gaps, enhancing awareness and building capacity for its participating stakeholders. Our stakeholders include: students and academicians, existing and early-stage social leaders/entrepreneurs, philanthropists, corporates, donors and the government.

Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality is the first in the country to conduct research into both gender and sexuality. It will house researchers working on these subjects in local and global contexts, and will work out ways in which this research can impact activist interventions in daily life. CSGS also hopes to become a one-stop archival space for all academics, activists, and media persons working on issues of gender and sexuality. The Centre sees itself as fulfilling a global requirement that will be fully responsive to local needs. For more information, please click here.

Centre for Writing and Communication

The liberal arts education offered at Ashoka University inculcates critical thinking skills and recognises that these are inextricably linked to the practice and art of effective academic writing. The CWC is a unique offering that works in close collaboration with University faculty to train students to think analytically and innovatively and write cogently and lucidly. As the Indian secondary and higher secondary education system provides very limited opportunities for students to develop such thinking and writing skills, the CWC is a crucial component of Ashoka University’s pedagogy. As a flagship facility in India, the CWC also aims to make significant contributions to developing writing education in the country. For more information, please click here.


Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership (GCWL) The Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership (GCWL) is a first-of-its-kind industry academia partnership between Genpact and Ashoka. GCWL will combine the power of academic research with best practices from industry, to empower women through research and advocacy, training programs and supportive infrastructure to become leaders who drive gender inclusive growth. For more information, please click here.

Centre for Political Data The Ashok Trivedi Centre for Political Data aims at promoting data-driven research, policy work and journalism by providing open access to scientifically collected and treated political data and by offering data services to non-profit organizations.  It will play a major role at facilitating the diffusion of empirically sound data and information on matters of public interest, and can become a major tool for anyone interested in public debate in India. For more information, please click here.

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