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Ashoka University offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate programme, in the interest of exposing students to many different perspectives in and out of the classroom. Students are not expected to declare their Major until the middle of the second year, and this is so they get plenty of time to try out various possibilities, to pursue extra-curricular and co-curricular interests, to discover new passions, and perhaps to change the trajectory of their lives.

The University offers Majors in 9 subjects and Interdisciplinary Majors in a further 8 subjects, thereby offering students a total of 17 options to Major in. They can also pick Minors from among 15 courses on offer.

To graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Ashoka University, students must pass courses that are broadly divided into three categories – Foundation Courses, Major Courses (including Interdisciplinary Majors) and Co-Curricular Courses. Each course carries credit points, and in order to earn their degree at the end of three years, students need to have accumulated 100 credit points.

UG Degree

Summer Programmes

Office of Summer Programmes

The Office of Summer Programmes at Ashoka University is committed to assisting students with their efforts to become academically successful and globally aware individuals. With this commitment, students at Ashoka are encouraged to take advantage of the summer programming opportunities the university offers.

Summer Internships

The Ashoka Summer Internship Program (ASIP) provides unique opportunities for undergraduate students to intern at corporations, research organizations, and social impact groups (NGO’s) or local schools, in the summer. ASIP is a natural extension to the Ashoka educational experience by adding a valuable professional experience while continuing to build leadership skills for the students.

For more information on internships, please contact . To know more about Ashoka Summer Internship Program, click here.

Summer Session @Ashoka

Ashoka offers an intensive six-week study program held during the summer. A range of 4 credit courses are offered across disciplines. Enrolling for the summer session provides an opportunity for Ashoka students to take courses that helps to gain additional credits, accelerate in their academic pathway or simply explore other areas of interest. In order to maximize the benefit of the summer term all students are encouraged to seek academic advising before opting for courses. The summer term also provides opportunity to study with students from partner institutions of Ashoka thus giving them an experience in global learning.

For more information on summer courses, please click here. For queries about the summer session contact Students enrolled in universities and colleges outside India are eligible for summer session at Ashoka.

International Students

Students enrolled in universities and colleges outside India are eligible for the summer session at Ashoka. For more information, click here.

Study Abroad

Office of International Programmes 

The Office of International Programmes offers exciting international opportunities that will serve to further enhance your learning experience and allow students to take on new academic challenges that they may not encounter in their normal setting. During their time abroad, students will have a unique chance to immerse themselves in a different culture as well as build lasting connections with people from all over the globe. An international experience is not only academically challenging but is sure to give our students a new perspective and broad horizons. For more information, please click here.


High School Programme

The Ashoka Young Scholars Programme is a unique summer residential programme which introduces high school students to the idea of a liberal arts education. It is a certified, week-long, residential programme where students are exposed to different disciplines through experiential and hands-on learning. The programme includes a range of activities including lectures, workshops, discussion groups, project-work, presentations and performances. For more information, click here.

Generous aid policy to fuel your dreams

More than 50% of our students are on scholarships.


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