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MSc Program in Biology

The Masters in Biology programme at Ashoka University is designed to impart holistic training in the fundamentals of physical and chemical principles of biology, in the diverse yet connected areas ranging from evolution and organismal biology to cell-molecular and computational biology. This unique program will allow a small cohort of motivated students (20 or less) to customize their specialized learning based on individual interests. Students will learn through hands-on training aided by contemporary and innovative pedagogical methods as well as through extensive independent research.

The program also promotes collaboration in all areas of human creativity and innovation spanning natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities as a true representation of Ashoka’s  spirit of liberal education.

Students will be encouraged to harness the unique cross-disciplinary opportunities provided by Ashoka University to acquire skills beyond academia in emerging areas such as science journalism, biomedical entrepreneurship, molecular archaeology, and economics of health and disease. 


Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply. The eligibility criteria include a 3-year BSc in natural sciences with at least 55% marks or GPA 7/10. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Biotechnology/ Chemistry/ Physics/ Mathematics/ Pharmacy/Veterinary Sciences/ Agriculture/ BE/ BTech as applicable to individual discipline, under the 10+2+3/4 system, are eligible to apply to this program. The candidates with a valid national eligibility test score (JGEEBILS/CSIR/UGC/GATE/Inspire/ICMR/DBT/JAM/JNU-Biotech) will be directly screened to identify the top 95th percentile. Eligible candidates without a valid national eligibility test score or in the final year waiting results will be notified by email for appearing in a proctored online test designed by Ashoka Biology faculty. The email notification will carry all details about the online test.

Selection Criteria

Admission will be based on merit. The main criteria include academic credentials and evaluation of the submitted statement of purpose (SOP) and two recommendation letters. Students who are driven and eager to learn in a focused manner would be able to take best advantage of the offered program.

Selected candidates will be notified by email to appear for a 10 minute interview by an Ashoka panel. Confirmation of final selection will be communicated to the successful candidates one month before commencement of the Monsoon 2022 semester at Ashoka.

Important Dates

Application portal opens April 1st, 2022
Application portal closes 11 pm, June 1st, 2022
Screening, online test (if applicable) and interview June 1st to July 15th
Semester :

Pre-semester Mandatory Bootcamp

Semester starts


22nd to 27th August, 2022

29th August, 2022

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Guidelines

Many candidates have similar academic records. A well written SOP can be an effective way to make your application stand out. Please note that the SOP is a personal essay, which should reflect your genuine goals and interests. The following guideline may help in sketching an effective SOP for this program.

  • Be concise. Length may not exceed one or two pages with standard formatting.
  • Avoid simply listing your academic credentials.
  • Avoid simply outlining your research proposal.
  • Outline your career goals and how a research intensive program will help you achieve them.
  • Highlight any relevant influence in your career path.
  • Mentioning passion for studying any particular subject area is welcome, but not necessary.
  • Explain why you want to do MSc Biology particularly at Ashoka
  • Create opportunities to touch upon your main strength and a weakness that you want to overcome.
  • Mention if you are more inclined towards academics or industry, or still exploring.

Fee Structure


  • Year 1: Rs 5,02,000
  • Year 2: Rs 5,12,000

Residence and Meals ((Residency is mandatory):

Rs 78,000 for shared accommodation and Rs 100,000 for single occupancy per year

Refund policy:

In event of cancellation / withdrawal, fees will refunded in accordance with norms established by the University Grants Commission (UGC). For reference, for academic year 2021-2022, a refund was issued on account of cancellation upto October 31, 2021.

Financial Aid:

Full or partial financial aid for eligible candidates will be considered on a case by case need-based basis.

Financial Aid

Ashoka University’s need-based Financial Aid programme aims to provide necessary financial support which can help you bridge the gap between the cost of the programme and your ability to pay. The financial aid offered at this programme is need-based and upto 100% waiver on tuition, residence and meals. 

Candidates who receive an Offer of Admission from the Department of Biology, will be given the option to apply for financial aid at this stage.

The financial aid application process will be accessible to you only if you receive a firm Offer of Admission to the programme, and forms will be open for a period of 4 days from the day you receive the offer.

If you intend to apply for financial aid, we request you and your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to visit www.ashoka.edu.in/financialaid download a copy of the Financial Aid Form, and familiarize yourself with the process. Please collect all the relevant documents and necessary information ahead of time to ensure a seamless application process within the given deadline.


Questions can be directed to : MSc_Biology@Ashoka.edu.in

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