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Master of Science in Biology

Ashoka University’s Master of Science (M.Sc.) Programme in Biology is designed to impart holistic training in the fundamentals of physical and chemical principles of biology, in the diverse yet connected areas ranging from evolution and organismal biology to cell-molecular and computational biology. Students will receive hands-on training aided by contemporary and innovative pedagogical methods as well as extensive independent research.

The programme also promotes collaboration in all areas of human creativity and innovation spanning natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities as a true representation of Ashoka’s spirit of liberal education.

Students will be encouraged to harness the unique cross-disciplinary opportunities provided by Ashoka University to acquire skills beyond academia in emerging areas such as science journalism, biomedical entrepreneurship, molecular archaeology, and economics of health and disease.

Application Forms are now closed for the Academic Session starting in August 2023, and you will no longer be able to apply for this programme.

The Admissions Calendar for the academic session starting in August 2024 will be published in October 2023.

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Why Pursue Graduate Studies at Ashoka?


Ashoka University ranked among Top 5 Private Universities 
in India by QS Asia University Rankings 2022 and stood at number 1 among all Indian universities on ‘International Faculty’ indicator.

General Overview of The Programme

The M.Sc. Biology programme offers a research intensive opportunity for students to customise their specialisation across a wide range of elective courses such as biophysics, biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, computational and mathematical biology, behaviour, ecology and evolutionary biology. Guidance and assistance is offered by the Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) in identifying individual specialisations for students.

In the first year, students attend mandatory and various elective lectures which will help them streamline their academic interests. Additionally, they will take up short research projects of their choice which will harness their research capabilities.

In the second year, students pursue their thesis research in an identified area of specialisation within or outside the university (in academia or industry). The university is in communication with industries to work collaboratively with various student trainees. This enables greater access and mobility for students, opening up possibilities for their careers.




Notes from Faculty Members

The research intensive and customizable M.Sc. Biology Programme at Ashoka provides various flavours of a PhD programme within 2 years, allowing students to utilise their skills in both academic and industry spaces going forward.

Kasturi Mitra, Associate Professor of Biology, M.Sc. Biology co-ordinator

The Master’s in Biology at Ashoka is a unique initiative. It opens up possibilities for students to start their long-term career in an area of their interests during the programme itself. Be in academia, industry or other organisations where they can contribute their might and at the same time pursue a career with interests, motivation and satisfaction.

L. S. Shashidhara, Visiting Professor of Biology (Honorary), Ashoka University

Voices of the Students

Having no formal experience in Biology after 10th standard, I was initially sceptical about joining as a masters student in Biology. However, the multidisciplinary approaches of the department enable thorough engagement with scientific questions. This makes me feel included and provides opportunities to explore the concepts associated with Biology from a quantitative perspective. Additionally the student support mechanism of this programme is phenomenal because of the exceptionally approachable and passionate professors.

Yogesh Pratap, M.Sc. Biology 2022-2024

The exciting aspects I discovered in the Ashoka masters programme include the opportunity to autonomously choose the subject I wanted to explore, the distinctive teaching style, and collaboration in courses with Ph.D. students who have somewhat more experience than us. As an Ashoka student, the standout features I discovered are the interdisciplinary academic approach, the diversity of peers, and the highly experienced faculties across disciplines.

Ajith D, M.Sc. Biology 2022-2024

Application Form and Timeline

Application Forms for the Ashoka University’s MSc Biology programme for the year 2023 are now closed.

M.Sc. in Biology – Admissions Calendar (2023 intake)

Components  M.Sc. Biology
Application Form Opens 01st December, 2022
Application Submission Deadline 31st March, 2023
Assessment Date 30th April, 2023
Interviews 29th May, 2023 onwards
Decision Notification 9th June, 2023


Admissions Process

Candidates who are interested in applying for the M.Sc. in Biology programme are required to fill in an application form online through the website. An applicant cannot submit more than one form in one admissions cycle. There is no application fee.

*Please read the Online Entrance Examination section to determine if you are eligible to proceed with your application without the Online Entrance Examination


Applicants are responsible for ensuring access to good internet connectivity for Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the processes. Please note that only those candidates who pass the entrance examination and clear the interview round will receive a firm Offer of Admission.

Online Entrance Examination

The candidates with a valid national eligibility test score (JGEEBILS/JAM/JNU-Biotech) will be directly screened to identify the top 95th percentile. Eligible candidates without a valid national eligibility test score or in the final year waiting results will be notified by email for appearing in a proctored online test designed by Ashoka Biology faculty. The Ashoka University Online Entrance Examination will be in the lines of JGEEBILS. The email notification will carry all details about the online test.


Selected candidates will be notified by email to appear for a 10 minute interview by an Ashoka University panel. The interview tests the candidate’s drive, motivation and potential to work in a research intensive setting. 

Eligibility and Criteria for Application

The M.Sc. in Biology programme is open to students from all universities in India and around the world. Applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree from a recognised university or be enrolled in their final year of study. Offers of admission will be provisional until final undergraduate transcripts are received. 

The eligibility criteria to apply to the programme include a three year B.Sc. in natural sciences with a minimum of 55% or GPA 7/10. Candidates with a Bachelor’s in Biology/Biotechnology/ Chemistry/ Physics/ Mathematics/ Pharmacy/Veterinary Sciences/ Agriculture/ BE/ BTech as applicable to individual discipline, under the 10+2+3/4 system, are eligible to apply to this programme. 

The candidates with valid national eligibility test scores (JGEEBILS, JAM and JNU-Biotech) will be directly screened to identify the top 95th percentile. However, eligible candidates without a valid national eligibility test score or enrolled in the final year awaiting their results will be notified by email for appearing in a proctored online test designed by Ashoka Biology faculty.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Guidelines

In your statement of purpose, you must succinctly provide your reasons for applying to the M.Sc. in Biology programme, which may include: 

  • Outlining your career goals and how a research intensive programme will help you achieve them
  • Preparation and motivation to study M.Sc. Biology at Ashoka and how it will further your academic goals
  • Research, work experience and other influences in your career path
  • Possible areas of interest
  • Inclinations to academia or industry


The SOP must not exceed two pages (single-spaced) with standard formatting. The SOP is a well-structured essay highlighting the information above while indicative of your writing ability. Avoid simply listing your academic credentials, outlining your research proposal or describing personal anecdotes. 

Fee Structure

The Fee Structure of the M.Sc. in Biology programme starting in August 2023 has the following components (In INR):

Components (2023 intake) Amount Per year (INR)
Tuition Fees 5,37,000
Residence: Option A [On-Campus Double Occupancy] 181,000
Residence: Option B [Off-Campus Double Occupancy] 90,000
Total Cost 7,18,000 [Option A]


6,27,000 [Option B]

Note: The Residence Cost for the Second Year (AY 2024-2025) is subject to revision in consonance with inflation. In the last three years, our fee has gone up by approximately 5% to 8% annually. However,  this percentage is not fixed and is subject to change.

Masters students can also opt for Off-campus single occupancy (INR120,000 per  annum) only if there is availability.

Ashoka University provides Residence and Meal facilities for M.Sc. Students, on an optional basis. If you opt-in for Residence as provided by Ashoka University, please note the following details:

  • Tuition Fees is inclusive of a Refundable Security Deposit of INR 20,000 (One-time payment made at the time of acceptance of offer of admissions, and to be refunded at the time of graduation from Ashoka University or withdrawal of admission, whichever is earlier)
  • Residence fee is inclusive of broadband charges
  • In case, the stay duration extends due to any reason, residence fee will be charged additionally
  • Electricity charges, as per actuals, will be charged additionally and equally divided among the occupants on pro-rata basis



  • Residents may opt to cook in the apartment or request Ashoka University to organize packed tiffin service from the Campus dining hall
  • Off-campus housing residents will not need to give any minimum consumption assurance or overhead charges to the university. This service will be purely based on actual meal consumption along with packing and delivery charges


Note: M.Sc. students can choose to not opt-in for residence and meals provided by Ashoka University. M.Sc. students who choose to not opt-in for residence can avail of meals on campus through the coupon system and/or pay on purchase from all vendors.

Refund Policy

In reference to the fee refund policy 2023-24 issued by University Grants Commission (UGC) dated July 03, 2023, please note the following details regarding the refund amounts from the time of withdrawal of admission till 31st October, 2023:

  1. Students will avail of a full refund on the Tuition Fees amount paid by them till 30th September, 2023. Residence and Meal costs will be charged on pro rata basis from 21st August, 2023, till the date of withdrawal or exit from the Ashoka University residential premises (campus), whichever is later
  2. There will be a deduction of INR 1000 from the Tuition Fees amount paid by the student from 1st October, 2023 to 31st October, 2023.  Residence and Meal costs will be charged on pro rata basis from 21st August, 2023, till the date of withdrawal or exit from the Ashoka University residential premises (campus), whichever is later
  3. There will be no refunds applicable on any amount paid by the student from 1st November, 2023 onward

Please click here to view the University Grants Commission’s Fee Refund Policy.

Please note that Ashoka University does not advertise or promote itself in newspapers, magazines, or through any third party channel. The process for admission to Ashoka University is very transparent and does not engage the services of any third party to make calls or messages from, for, or on behalf of Ashoka University. Applicants should therefore protect themselves against any such persons who may approach them on the pretext of assisting them to get admission.

Financial Aid

Ashoka University’s need-based Financial Aid programme aims to provide necessary financial support which can help you bridge the gap between the cost of the programme and your ability to pay. The financial aid offered at this programme is need-based and upto 100% waiver on tuition, residence and meals. 

Candidates who receive an Offer of Admission from the Department of Biology, will be given the option to apply for financial aid at this stage.

The financial aid application process will be accessible to you only if you receive a firm Offer of Admission to the programme, and forms will be open for a period of 4 days from the day you receive the offer.

If you intend to apply for financial aid, we request you and your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to visit www.ashoka.edu.in/financialaid download a copy of the Financial Aid Form, and familiarize yourself with the process. Please collect all the relevant documents and necessary information ahead of time to ensure a seamless application process within the given deadline.

Contact Information

For all Application related queries and concerns, please write to us at MSc_Biology@ashoka.edu.in

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