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How to measure time in a different way

All clocks require complex mechanics/electronics to function, usually for counting the number of oscillations of some base frequency or to […]

Why is the participation of Indian women in paid work declining?

The low and declining level of female labour force participation (FLFP) has been the subject of intense academic and policy […]

Conference Report – The Himalayas from Its Edges: Mobilities, Networks, Geographies

The Himalayan ranges, which suture a vast and varied physical and socio-cultural landscape, have escaped critical scholarly understanding from state-centered […]

Decolonisation of India’s International Relations: An Empty Prospect?

In January 2020, enabled by a grant provided by Ashoka University the Department of International Relations hosted a conference titled […]

Infant Research on the Move: What’s really going on in babies’ tiny minds?

Endowed with a mind and body of their own, infants are capable to explore the world around them and achieve […]

An Overview of Extramural Research Funding at Ashoka University

Research and innovation are growing in India, with significant investments being made in fundamental, translational, and multidisciplinary research, researchers, and […]

The Role of Cultural Norms in Influencing Women’s Health

Individuals in developing countries often rely on community ties to access key resources due to the absence or inaccessibility of […]

Recent Advances in Data Science can effectively address issues faced by brick-mortar retailers

Imagine for a moment a world without retail stores. As a consumer, you would need to travel far and wide […]

Dr. Anisha Sharma, Assistant Professor and Garima Rastogi, Ashoka alum awarded 2023 Kuznets Prize

The Kuznets Prize is awarded for the best paper published in the Journal of Population Economics in a given year. […]

Ashoka University appoints Prof. Sourav Pal as Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry

Ashoka University announces the appointment of Prof. Sourav Pal as Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry. Prof. Sourav […]

Collaborative research is the way forward

A Professor of Biology, L.S. Shashidhara, served as the Dean of Research at Ashoka University, providing expert leadership and guidance […]

Prof. Gautam Menon is the new Dean of Research at Ashoka University

At Ashoka University, we push the frontiers of knowledge to achieve research excellence across multiple disciplines. The amalgamation of basic […]

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka