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Ashoka faculty Bann-Seng Tan awarded prestigious grant

The 2022 Spring Centennial Center Research Grants, worth 2500 USD, is to support his research project, “The Logic of Authoritarian […]

Chaperones Conducting the Orchestra in Cellular Assemblies

Ceaseless interactions with the basement membrane (a type of specialized extracellular matrix – ECM) allow cells in our body to […]

Ashoka University’s Ph.D. Student Shreya Kundu awarded the prestigious Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship

Shreya Kundu is a third year Ph.D. student in the Department of History, working under the supervision of Prof. Aparna […]

‘Our research shows mitochondria can actively control growth and division of cells’

My research career did not stem from an early passion for science or even a specific research interest. I am […]

Philosophy as a vehicle for self-understanding

Throughout my academic journey, I have benefitted from some incredible role models. My father is a university professor in mathematics […]

‘Magnetic systems can be used as a basis of many present and future technologies’

I remember as a child I used to hold a magnet in front of a television screen and wonder why […]

Biology is going to dominate the remainder of the 21st Century: Gautam Menon

Among the most quoted Indian experts on the COVID-19 pandemic that brought the world to a grinding halt, Prof Menon […]

Ashoka University’s Faculty Susmita Saha awarded the prestigious Ramanujan Fellowship 

Susmita Saha, a promising and early career Physics Researcher at Ashoka University has been awarded the prestigious Ramanujan Fellowship. During […]

Higher institutes of learning should provide space for critical thinking

She studied at premiere Indian universities before undertaking a short stint in the corporate sector. But in our fast-changing world, […]

Aniket Aga wins the Bharadwaj-Wolf Prize 2019-20

Congratulations to Dr. Aniket Aga, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Ashoka University on being awarded the Bharadwaj-Wolf Prize 2019-20 for […]

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka