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Alasya Kanya- a dance performance by Manishikha Baul

March 5 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Alasya Kanya


‘Alasya Kanya’ is an approximately 27 minutes long piece with no soundtrack. The performer plays with the Odissi motif of ‘Alasya’ posture and everyday body movements to critique/question the idea of ‘women and laze’. How has ‘Alasya’ traditionally been defined on women’s body? Who carries this gaze? As an urban city dweller, one often finds oneself caught in this dystopia of ‘being lazy’ while all one is doing is just catching a breath or recuperating from extreme burn-out. Through the piece, ‘I’, the ‘performer’, the ‘ideal form’ and the ‘square frame’ of the lens come together to dismantle ‘Alasya’. Structurally the piece also represents an entire traditional Odissi repertoire starting with ‘Bhoomi Pranam’, incorporating ‘audience acknowledgement’, followed by a technical piece like ‘Batu/Sthayee’ to move onto a ‘Pallavi’, an ‘Abhinaya’ and finally ‘Moksha’.


Manishikha Baul is an independent performing artist based out of Delhi, India. She has been performing Odissi, for over 20 years. Through her artistic explorations, she has come to challenge the traditional notions and play with contemporary theatrical performance-making. She has been the cofounder of Ethos: Exploring the Odissi Spirit, a community space for Odissi practitioners, formed in Singapore in 2014. To further her quest for learning she has been studying ‘Devised Theatre and Performing Arts’ under ArtHausBerlin (formerly LISPA) since 2018.


Credit Team:
Text: Majaal (Abhishek) & Manishikha Baul
Light Design: Ankit Pandey with Tech Quartret
Film & Edit: Venus Maku
Concept, choreography & performance: Manishikha Baul

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March 5
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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