Financial Aid and Scholarships

No student has ever been turned
down due to financial constraints.

The University is committed to making world-classaid education affordable for students from all walks of life. At present, more than 50 per cent of our students are under some form of scholarship in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

While selection to Ashoka is based on merit, including academic and extracurricular achievement, scholarships are entirely based upon need. A student who has earned admission to the University will not be turned away if they are not able to pay tuition.

Students who require financial aid must submit their parents’ income tax returns, details on gross annual income of all earning members in the family, their assets, and also the number of dependents when filling out their application.




We are there to help

While filling the Application Form, under the section Financial Aid, just select ‘YES’ if you want to apply for financial assistance.

Once you are shortlisted for admission at Ashoka University, you will be requested by the Admissions and Financial Aid Team to furnish the following documents prior to your interview process:

  • Last 3 years ITRs for your parents/earning members of the family.
  • School Fee Receipt(s) for the entire year of your Grade XII.
  • Bank Account Statement for the last 12 months of all earning members of the family.
  • Details of Family Financial Asset(s) (movable and immovable property, investments, etc)
  • Company ITRs and Bank Statements (for Business families)


Generous aid policy to fuel your dreams

More than 50% of our students are on scholarships.


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