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Application Process

A. If you are Shortlisted for the Interview

  1. Your invitation email will instruct you to start preparing for the Financial Aid Process, if you wish to apply for an aid grant.
  2. Download the Sample Financial Aid Form and become familiar with the requested information
  3. Create a folder on your computer to store all the mandatory documents*.
  4. **Start the process for obtaining the following mandatory documents:-
    1. Income Tax Returns for the Financial Year 2020-21, 2021-22 & 2022-23 for your parents/earning members of the family
    2. Salary statements for the last 3 months of all earning members (if applicable)
    3. Bank Account Statements for the last 12 months of all earning members of the family
    4. Details of the family’s Financial Assets (movable and immovable property, investments, etc)
    5. For Businesses/Professionals : Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements, Financial Statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for the last three Financial Years), Form 26AS and GST returns
    6. Details of main expenses. Loan Statements are mandatory if a loan expense is shown.
    7. ***Haryana Domicile Certificate (mandatory for availing Haryana Resident benefits. Transfer Students are not eligible to apply for this benefit.

Please note that we may ask for additional documents during assessment if required (for ex, pre-COVID salary slips, in case of reduced pay, GST receipts, etc)

*Documents need to be converted into PDF/JPG files of sizes under 2MB, with a minimum resolution of 200 DPI, which is readable. Zip folders under 2 mb containing all the documents are also accepted.

**DO NOT wait till you receive a firm offer of admission to start sourcing information & documents.

***Haryana domicile students are eligible for a full or partial fee concession as per the Haryana Private Universities Act (2006). However, this is subject to the submission of their Government issued Haryana Resident Certificate (Domicile). Please note that Ashoka University reserves the right to determine the percentage of fee concession. Please also note that Transfer Students are not eligible to apply for this benefit.

B. If you receive a Firm Offer of Admission

  1. Follow the instructions in your offer letter and start the financial aid application immediately
  2. You will have 5 days from the offer notification date to complete and submit the form
  3. Prepare for slow internet or other connectivity issues and do not wait until the last minute.
  4. The deadline is binding and will not be extended.
  5. Forms not submitted will not be considered for Financial Aid

C. When your aid application is being assessed

  1. The Office of Financial Aid will verify and assess each candidate’s application & information provided in the online form. Please note that your parents/guardians may be contacted during this verification process.
  2. The Financial Aid Committee will deliberate over the information and make a final decision.
  3. Please note that the Committee will not follow up for missing documents. Candidates are expected to provide detailed comments and documents supporting their request for aid.

D. Final Decision & Acceptance of Offer

  1. You will receive an email notifying you of the final decision of the financial aid committee.
  2. Log into the Ashoka University Portal and check the fee structure. If you have been granted aid, it will be reflected in your fee structure.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Portal to accept the offer by paying the acceptance fee.
Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka