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FutureSkill: Writing and Communication | Digital Stories - Script to Screen


The future is visual; in 2020, Forbes projected approximately 1.1 billion global subscriptions to online video streaming services. By 2023, this number had increased to close to 1.8 billion. There’s a great appetite for impactful digital content worldwide backed by a thriving industry of content creators who use everyday technology to make extraordinary digital stories. If you want to make great video content, then this course is for you. In a world where smartphones and the internet are our daily superheroes, this isn’t your average course, it’s real-world, future-forward, and project-based, ensuring maximum learning outcomes for aspiring digital storytellers. Beyond tech exposure, delve into crafting gripping characters and creating sophisticated storylines.

This course is for high schoolers (Grades 9-12) who aspire to become adept digital storytellers, by crafting compelling narratives, writing impactful scripts, and creating digital stories that speak to a wide variety of audiences.


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Dates Eligibility Fees 
Application deadline- June 1, 2024


Course dates– Sat, June 15, 2024- Sun, July 7, 2024

16 Live Teaching Hours over 4 weekends (11AM- 1PM on Saturdays & Sundays).

  • High schoolers studying in grades 9- 12 as on the course commencement date in June, 2024.
  • Students from India and abroad can apply.
  • Students from all boards can apply.
  • Prerequisites: High level of proficiency in written and verbal English communication.
  • You will be required to submit your latest marksheet in the application form.
Rs 22,000/- +GST
*Refer to fees section of website for inclusions & exclusions

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for all high schoolers who want to deepen their understanding and knowledge of impactful digital storytelling and learn hands-on content creation skills and techniques using accessible technology.

Prerequisites: High level of proficiency in written and verbal English communication. You will be required to submit your latest marksheet in the application form.

What’s in it for me?

  • Know Your Story: Grasp the intricacies of digital storytelling using trendy audio-visual techniques.
  • Hands-On Thrills: Dive into the action with practical exercises, analyse documentaries, engage in hands-on projects, and unleash your shot-taking skills using personal devices.
  • Project-Based Adventures: Immerse yourself in modules that dissect longer films, capture discussed topics through shooting, and expertly edit footage with guidance.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Thrill in having your work analyzed and discussed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of framing, composition, and the magic of digital storytelling.
  • Technical Prowess: Develop nuanced framing and composition skills for both photos and videos. Conquer headroom, legroom, tilting, panning, and tracking with the finesse of a true expert.
  • Expert Guidance: Soar to new heights with valuable feedback from experienced faculty, mentors, and industry professionals.

What do I take away?

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Gain the capability to assess complex situations and articulate specific, well-formulated questions.
  • Cultivate capacity for healthy skepticism, enabling critical evaluation of information and ideas.
  • Build the skill to think in a structured and intentional manner, facilitating a systematic approach to problem-solving


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Session outline

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Lecture module Audio-Visual Formats: Introduction and In-Depth Analysis Across Genres


Framing and Composition Essentials: Photography, Videography, and Creative Movements Explored Script Writing Mastery: Visualizing, Breaking Down, and Identifying Key Elements


Editing Techniques Unleashed: Aligning Footage with Framing, Composition, and Script
Project module Document observations from longer format documentaries based pre-discussed techniques Capture audio-visual footage using concepts in videography and photography Plan and script your topic with a detailed shot breakdown Shoot, edit and present their own short video story.

Grading, Assessments & Certification

All Ashoka Horizons courses offer a certificate on satisfactory completion of the course. The 5 components of student assessment are

  • Watching a set of movies and documenting their in-depth analysis – 15%
  • Taking photographs and capturing audio-visual content based on pre-discussed techniques – 15%
  • Shooting and editing their movies – 20%
  • In-class participation and attendance – 20%
  • Final report submission – 30% 

Class participation will be assessed based on your active engagement in live sessions, contributions to discussion forums, and involvement in Teaching Fellow-led activities. Letters of Appreciation will be issued for select students based on exceptional performance in the course.


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IT Requirements

This course is administered through an online platform. Students are expected to have a foundational understanding of computer usage, including but not limited to sending emails and conducting Internet searches. Consistent access to the Internet and a computer that aligns with the recommended minimum specifications are also requisite for participation in the course.


Small cohorts. Apply early to secure your seat.

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