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Giving Back to Ashoka

There are many ways in which your time and talent could strengthen the University. Engage with us by participating in AAA’s leadership bodies, sharing your wisdom with students, and volunteering with our various offices.

1. Alumni Leadership

 The Ashoka Alumni Council, consisting of the Alumni President and 6 Directors, is a representative body that is elected by all alumni for a term of 2 years. The Council aims to represent the interests of the alumni and advance institution building by strengthening connections within the alumni community as well as among alumni, the University and the world at-large.

Each graduated batch elects representatives as part of the Alumni Assembly to serve as the point of contact for the AAA, Alumni Council, and Alumni Relations Office. The Assembly works closely with the Council to promote engagement within the community.

We currently have 24 batch representatives across 15 undergraduate, YIF and master’s in economics batches.

 The Alumni Council and Assembly consistently undertake projects to build resources for the community and enhance alumni engagement with the University. Volunteer with us on projects ranging from career/higher education support and policy making to event management and content creation to contribute to the building of the association and the University.

2. Ashoka Alumni Fund

 The Ashoka Alumni Fund aims to enable the alumni community to positively contribute towards Ashoka’s financial aid. The funds raised so far have been used to provide need-based scholarships to 2 students. You can participate in our fundraising events to contribute to the fund. Alternatively, you can use this link to donate at any time of the year.

3. Professional Opportunities for Students

If your organisation is hiring or has openings for interns, share such opportunities with the CDO to enhance the placement process of current students. In addition, if you wish to engage Young India Fellows in any professional project, share the details with the YIF Programme Team to float a year-long Experiential Learning Module (ELM).

4. Admissions Interview Panel

 Help us interview candidates for admission by signing up to be an alumni interviewer. We believe that you as an alumnus have a deep understanding of what Ashoka stands for and represents. You are also at an advantage to assess candidates’ fit for an interdisciplinary liberal arts education and their potential to succeed at Ashoka. Watch out for an email from the Admissions Team to sign up for the interview panel.

5. Ashoka Alumni Ambassador

Spread the word about Ashoka by volunteering as an ambassador in your city. Participate in our outreach efforts by interacting with prospective applicants, representing Ashoka at your local schools and colleges, sharing exciting social media content, and documenting inspiring alumni stories.

6. Mentorship Programme

 Share your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with current students by signing up for our bi-annual mentorship programme. Keep a lookout for an email from the Alumni

Relations Committee to participate in officially guiding students through their Ashoka experience and helping them plan for the future.


Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka