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#HorizonsBrainBomb Challenge

The Horizons Brain Bomb challenge is a MUST for curious and ambitious high school students who want to share their unique perspectives on some of the most pertinent and thought-provoking questions about the world. From pondering over the future of international relations to analysing the complexities of genetic engineering to introspecting on your own behaviour in different settings, these Brain Bombs are sure to cause an explosion of creativity and ideas. 

Each week, we will present you with a question based on the subjects offered in the Horizons Summer 2024 course catalogue. Demonstrate depth of knowledge about the topic of the week, give relevant and well-researched evidence to support your answer and construct a well-reasoned argument in your 1-minute video OR 150-words essay submission.

We will announce one winner every week from each course who can register for one of the upcoming Ashoka Horizons course for free. The winner will be featured on our Instagram page and also get a permanent spotlight on our website.

So put on your thinking cap to get a chance to be noticed and stand out from the crowd! 

Follow the steps to participate in the #HorizonsBrainBomb challenge:

  1. Select the subject of the Brain Bomb of the week from the list below
  2. Click on “+” sign for dropdown
  3. The challenge question of the week will be reflected in the dropdown
  4. Click on”+” for dropdown
  5. Prepare your submission, the essay document or the video link in advance
  6. Fill in your response in the Google form attached in the dropdown by or before the deadline

Note: Once the challenge question is closed, you will no longer be able to submit the response and participate in the contest for that question.

Have a question about Horizons courses? Write to us on horizons@ashoka.edu.in

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