Student Life at Ashoka

Student Life at Ashoka works towards building opportunities that will expose students to critical thinking, innovations and best practices, while striving for excellence. With a web of co-curricular and extracurricular programmes and support, we work to strike a fine balance between keeping students engaged in activities which are both fun and intellectually challenging.

We believe that each and every individual is interesting and has much to offer.
We support one another as we challenge each other’s assumptions and strengthen our common values.
We welcome differences in backgrounds, perspective and experience.
We encourage expression of opinions, development of talents, and the collective pursuit of passions.

An Ashoka student is encouraged to initiate her/his own projects and/or participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities buzzing on campus.  Be it running a club or university students’ newspaper, organising cultural showcases or working as an elected member of the student government, taking along a diverse team, in short, simply being a powerful and dynamic student in all spheres of “student life” at Ashoka – this Programme is aimed at helping each student to effectively carry out the various responsibilities and projects that s/he undertakes.

At Ashoka, “Education” is not confined to degrees and grades!  Learning – that is marked by quality and depth of knowledge – is part of the accomplishment, which adds “excellence” to education here. This Programme equips each student to appreciate the intricate connection between human life and its socio-cultural fabric, thus enriching one’s relationship with each other and the world around. Through a plethora of programmes ranging from Club Mentorship, creative workshops, lecture-demonstrations and guest sessions, Student Life continuously works to expose students to a gamut of disciplines and art forms that not only stimulate creative interests but allow them to discover and appreciate issues of socio-political relevance, thus harnessing not only the artists within them but also developing students into conscientious, aware and mindful citizens.


Rashmi Singh Rashmi Singh is an accomplished educator with over 12 years of experience in the field of Education. Her areas of expertise include developing and implementing academic policies and programmes, students’ welfare and interface initiatives. Through her teaching she has contributed extensively in liberal learning, innovations, and critical thinking. She is academically trained in Education and Sociology. She has been the author of development reports and academic papers. She received her Master’s and M.Phil. Degree in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi. Her passion lies in exploring creative expressions of Music, Art, Culture and Heritage and synergising these with academic learning.

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