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Ashoka University is dedicated to providing students with plenty of activity outside the classroom. The past year saw Ashokans represent the University in football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, tennis, chess, badminton and Ultimate Frisbee. Many Ashokans have picked up running and have participated in half marathons and other races. At Ashoka, it is not uncommon to see staff members and faculty engage with students on the sports field as well.

With a firm belief that a sound mind resides in a sound body, students have access to the following facilities at present:

  1. Football field with flood lights
  2. Gym
  3. Cricket pitch
  4. Volleyball court with flood lights
  5. Synthetic Basketball Court with lights
  6. Synthetic Tennis Courts with lights
  7. A 200 metre running track
  8. A Long jump pit
  9. 1 + km synthetic running track
  10. Table tennis

A state-of-the-art indoor sports complex is fully functional. The complex houses:

  • A 25 metre swimming pool
  • Multi-purpose courts for Basketball and Badminton
  • Two double Squash courts
  • Facilities for Table Tennis and Billiards
  • Comprehensive gymnasium with latest equipment
  • A 10 metre Shooting range

The student body is divided into 4 houses – Red, Green, Yellow and Blue and Inter-house leagues are organised in Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, Football, Tennis and Athletics.

The Department functions under the guidance of Dr. Rajat Chauhan, who likes to call himself ‘student of running’ and in his spare time is a doctor specialising in Sports-Exercise Medicine (Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham), Medical-Osteopathy and Musculo-Skeletal Medicine (London College of Osteopathic Medicine).

Rajat Chauhan 4Apart from being the primary catalyst (founder) of Back 2 Fitness, a niche sports-exercise rehabilitation centre, he is also the founder and race director of La Ultra – The High (, the world’s cruellest and highest ultra marathon (333 km in Leh). He writes for Mint (‘Treadmill’ section), Hindustan Times, The Hindu and also blogs for Forbes India. He is working on three books at present, one of which is on Getting Back to Fitness and addressing chronic diseases.

He is assisted by Dr. Sunil Dahiya and Ms. Sonam Taneja. Dr. Sunil Dahiya is the Senior Sports Officer who has a Ph.D. in Physical Education and has a National Institute of Sports (NIS, Patiala) certificate in Volleyball and Badminton. He has worked in several institutions and brings a wealth of experience. Ms. Sonam Taneja, an erstwhile taxation lawyer, is a passionate long distance runner and Volleyball player, and manages the department. She plays a vital role in planning sports and increased physical activity programmes for the students. Right now the team is working on ‘credits for sports and physical activities (CSPA)’ to encourage all students to get moving and become fitter.

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