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Trivedi School of BioSciences
Embedded within the Department of Biology at Ashoka, Trivedi School of Biosciences is established using generous philanthropic donation by the Founder and Trustee Ashok Trivedi. The school aims to put India on the  world map of advanced research in synthetic biology, data science & other emerging technologies in biology. It recognizes the importance of contributing significantly to both discovery science & applied research such as emergence of antimicrobial resistance in pathogens, bio-inspired technology for environment and sustainability. In parallel, it would also set a new  standard for higher education in India through innovative curriculum & pedagogy. 
Faculty of the entire department including those of Trivedi School of Biosciences will teach undergraduate courses at Ashoka. All undergraduate students, pursuing Biology major or minor, will follow the curriculum as described in 
Both major and minor students across disciplines will have opportunities to work as research interns or pursue minor research projects with any faculty of Trivedi school of biosciences. Students would use state of the art infrastructure and work in an interdisciplinary research ambiance. 
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Founder and Trustee Ashok Trivedi