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Co-curricular Courses



Co-curricular courses are designed to enhance the main academic curriculum. The visual arts, performing arts and languages are essential elements of the complete education we hope to provide at Ashoka. The arts and languages offer us an expressive voice, and a knowledge of and sensitivity to them can be potentially humanizing. Co-curricular courses at Ashoka are both practical and theoretical. Rather than purely imparting training, they have been conceived as a means to engage with various art forms.


Students have to take 2 Co-Curricular Courses as part of their graduation requirements; in any semester, a student can take a maximum of 1 Co-Curricular Course.


Courses offered this semester are:

  1. Appreciating Contemporary Indian Documentary Films taught by Nakul Sawhney

  2. Rethinking Contemporary Art: Artistic Identities, Media and Spaces taught by Sraman Mujherjee

  3. Painting: Making a Mark taught by Sheila Makhijani T

  4. he Moving Image: Film Animation taught by Koushik Varma

  5. Graphic Narratives: Creating and Reading Comics taught by Udeshi Basu

  6. Relational Drawing taught by Anni Kumari

  7. Indian Crafts taught by Jaya Jaitly

  8. Carnatic Music: Rasa Anubhava taught by Sudha Raghuraman

  9. Indian Regional Dances taught by Daniel Freddy

  10. Western Classical Music: Masterpieces of Western Music taught by Punita Singh

  11. Carnatic Flute taught by G. Raghuraman Street

  12. Theatre taught by Navtej Singh Johar

  13. Performing Kathakali and Shakespeare: Intercultural Theory and Practice taught by Arjun Raina

  14. Mohiniyattam: Lasya Natanam taught by Jayaprabha Menon

  15. Chhau Dance taught by Parshant Kalia

  16. French 1 taught by Dorothee Gieux

  17. Sanskrit taught by Achintya Prahlad

  18. Conversational Hindi taught by Harshita Tripathi

  19. Latin for Beginners taught by Patrick Beck

  20. Tamil for Beginners taught by Subbapriya and Rabindran Shelley

  21. Teach English 101 Supervised by Sushmita Samaddar