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International Students


Ashoka University has a growing and vibrant community of international students currently enrolled in the undergraduate programme, who represent over 18 countries from across cohorts. Countries represented in our international community are Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Nepal, UAE, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Rwanda, Burundi, Brazil, and more.


Ashoka University strives to give its international students the best of opportunities, immersing them in an inclusive environment to make them feel at home. The academic rigour, extracurricular activities and residential life programme allows students to learn, engage, connect, and build lasting relationships.

Admissions Timeline

Ashoka University’s undergraduate programme offers a 3+1 year-long interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences education that focuses on original research and intellectual growth. If you choose to apply for the Undergraduate Programme at Ashoka University, please proceed further.


Application Forms for the academic session commencing in August 2020 are now open. Click here to apply.

The Admissions Cycle has 4 Rounds. We encourage all International Students to apply in Rounds 1 & 2 to ensure that, if selected and offered admission to Ashoka University, they have enough time to receive adequate support with their oversees travel and visa processes.


Please find below a detailed undergraduate Admissions Calendar for the current Admissions Cycle:


Admissions Process

Ashoka University’s holistic admissions process ensures that each application is evaluated in its unique context.


Key Policies

In order to enroll in Ashoka University's Undergraduate programme a candidate must have completed 12 years of school education which is recognized in their respective countries.


Please click here to see the list of educational board recognised by Ashoka University.


The application form requires the applicant to submit his/her grade sheet / marksheet of the last 3 years of school education starting from the most recent one ( Grade 10 to Grade 12).

Accepted Educational Boards :

  • Ashoka University accepts students from all +2 level qualifications recognised by the AIU. Please click here to view the complete list of boards recognised by the AIU
  • For International Baccalaureate (IB) students, only applicants enrolled under the Diploma Programme are eligible to apply for the undergraduate programme at Ashoka University
  • Students enrolled in the IB Certificate Programme are not eligible to apply
  • For students enrolled in the Cambridge Board, applicants must appear for a minimum of 3 subjects at the A-level to be eligible to apply to the undergraduate programme at Ashoka University
  • For all other boards, we request students to share a conversion sheet/normalisation scale or any detailing around the grading/scoring system used by the board/school authorities with the Admissions Committee

Discipline-Specific Policies

Students of Ashoka University who wish to Major or Minor in the following disciplines should have studied Mathematics in their senior school years (Class XI and XII):


Economics / Economics and Finance / Economics and History/ Mathematics / Computer Science / Computer Science and Entrepreneurship / Computer Science and Mathematics / Physics

Visa Application:

The Office of International Programmes will provide support and guidance for visa application of selected students. You can address your queries and concerns directly to


Which visa should I apply for? - You will require a three-year multiple-entry student visa to cover the duration of your undergraduate studies. The multiple-entry part is important as it enables you to travel home during holidays.


How do I apply for the visa?Depending on your country’s bilateral relations with India, we strongly advise that you contact the Indian Embassy in the country of residence and check their website for the visa application procedure. Since this is a residential university, all the students live on campus. While filling out the visa application, your residential address will be the following: Ashoka University, Plot #2, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, P. O. Rai, Sonepat, Haryana 131 029, India


What documents will I need? - Typically, for your visa application, you will need an offer of admission, fee and financial aid in letter format, which will be provided by the office of Admissions and Financial Aid. The Office of International Programmes provides a visa letter to support your application. Make sure you have all the documents listed on the Indian Embassy website of your country.


When should I apply for the visa? - Ensure that you apply well in advance as visa procedures require three weeks or more. You can start the process as soon as you have the aforementioned documents from Ashoka University.

Fee Structure



One-time Payments

  • Admissions Fee of USD 700 (approximately) at the time of acceptance of the Offer of Admission

  • Refundable Security Deposit of USD 1075 (Security Deposit of USD 700 and Meal Cost Deposit of USD 375 approximately) at the time of acceptance of Offer of Admission. The Security Deposit will be refunded at the time of graduation from Ashoka University or at the time of withdrawal of admission from the programme, whichever is earlier

More information about the Fees

  • The costs mentioned are calculated in US Dollars (USD)

  • All figures mentioned are an approximation to Indian Rupees (INR) based on current exchange rates and are subject to change

  • All fee payments will be made in Indian Rupees (INR) 

  • Meal cost per semester will amount to USD 250 (approximately). Any and all extra consumption will be calculated and charged on the basis of meal coupons issued by the student

  • The Residence Cost is based on an average stay-duration of nine months a year. Special permissions must be sought if a student seeks to stay on campus during vacation periods

  • The Residence Cost component includes the following: Room and utilities such as water, electricity (100% backup and air conditioning), pantry, gymnasium, and laundry facilities

  • Monthly expenses including stationary, books and personal expenses might amount to USD 100 (approximately) 

  • The annual fee is subject to revision in consonance with inflation. In the last three years, our fee has gone up by approximately 5% to 8% annually. However,  this percentage is not fixed and is subject to change

Admissions Related Fees

Acceptance Fee - The candidate will be required to deposit an amount of USD 4,575 to confirm her/his offer of admission by the acceptance deadline for the round in which s/he has applied. 


This amount includes the following:

  • Admissions Fee of USD 700

  • Refundable Security Deposit of USD 1075 (Security Deposit of USD 700 and Meal Cost Deposit of USD 375 approximately)

  • Tuition Fee of USD 2800 (part of Semester 1 Tuition Fee)

The student who has confirmed his/her offer of admission will be required to pay the remaining Semester 1 Fee (Tuition and Residence) by August 7, 2020. The commencement date of the academic session is August 17, 2020.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid policies and processes for International students are the same as they are for Indian Students. All financial aid offered by the university is need-based while admissions related decisions are merit-based. Admissions decisions are not dependant on the candidate's application for financial aid. If you would like to apply for financial aid you will be given the opportunity to do so only if you have been made an Offer of Admission to the Undergraduate Programme. 


If you are made an Offer of Admission, you will be given the option to indicate your interest in applying for financial aid and will be required to fill out and submit an extensive Financial Aid Form to support your request. You will also be required to attach certain documents related to your family's current financial status. Please fill in all the relevant details accurately. 


To know more about our Financial Aid Policies, click here.