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Minor in International Relations

The minor in International Relations is designed to equip students with knowledge of the major theories approaches and substantive themes in the world of International Relations.

The introductory courses will cover a broad introductory history of the evolution of the world system of nation-states from Westphalia to the outbreak of World War II including the European state system, European expansion, conquest, settlement and colonialism, industrialization and the growth of world trade, the balance of power, World War I, the Russian Revolution, the inter-war period and the growth of anti-colonial independence movements. Students will also develop the ability to think critically about the relevance of mainstream theories of International Relations and their relevance to experience and interests of actors in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and further to critically evaluate and apply such theories and approaches to specific case studies.

The course further aims to enable students to get a basic understanding of the major international and regional institutions in world politics as well as significant developments in world politics.