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Ph.D. Programme in Psychology

The Ph.D. programme in Psychology at Ashoka University is a cross-disciplinary research spanning different domains of psychology. Our faculty expertise spans social, developmental, biological, cognitive, clinical and counseling psychology. Methodologies span qualitative and quantitative, theoretical and experimental. Prospective students are requested to visit the faculty webpages to find out more about individual faculty research and contact faculty prior to their formal application. Please read through the instructions carefully before proceeding with applications.


Admission for PhD Psychology (Monsoon 2019) is over, and the next admission cycle for 2021 session will begin by the end of 2020. 


The Department of Psychology welcomes its first batch of PhD students as follows. 


The selected candidates are requested to accept or decline the admission offer via email within one month. The program will consider an offer declined if we do not hear back within one month of the receipt of this offer. Selected candidates are requested to get in touch with their prospective advisors ASAP for further guidelines. 

The selection was done on the basis of several factors: Documents submitted with the application, prior research experience, performance in the written test, assessment of interviews by two faculty members for each applicant who took the written test, research aptitude and the matching of interests between faculty research and candidate's research interest. We do not have a waitlist and all admission decisions are final for this calendar year. Thank you for your interest in the Psychology PhD program. "


Application Number Name
O50-2019-01920 V.R.P. Sheilaja Rao
O50-2019-02083 Maitrayee Sen
O50-2019-01745 Zaidan T Mohammad
O50-2019-01819 Rajitha Gopinadham



Master’s Degree or equivalent in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Biology, Life Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Social Science, Political Science, Philosophy, Literature, Law, or allied disciplines.

Applications from candidates with MBBS, or B.Tech./B.E. will also be considered eligible.
All candidates need a minimum score of 55% in their respective degrees. M.Phil. / M.Tech entrants are also encouraged to apply in above disciplines.

We are particularly looking for candidates who have a passion for research, who are highly motivated and can create and take forward their own ideas in research. We value candidates who enjoy collaboration and forging work with a sense of team spirit.


Documents required:

  • Full, up to date CV

  • Three letters of recommendation

The letters should be from current or former professors, academic/ professional advisors or supervisors who know your academic work and/or are in a good position to assess your professionalism, aptitude towards research, individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Personal statement (1000-1500 words)

Prior to writing the essay, please visit the program website and faculty webpages to know what sort of research is being pursued in the department prior to writing your statement.  In your statement, you should identify at least 2 faculty members whose work might interest you, and who could become your prospective thesis advisor.


Use this essay to state what draws you to research with emphasis on your reasons of interest in the Psychology PhD program at Ashoka University. In addition you might want to consider these questions: How do you think your academic background is related or ties into the research you want to conduct? What kind of research do you want to conduct, in broad terms at the Department of Psychology at Ashoka University? Who are the two faculty members who can become your prospective thesis advisor(s)? What skill sets and experiences do you have already that can help you attain your research goals? How can the program help you attain the goals, and what do you hope to learn?

In addition, you may give the admissions committee any information about your life, your long term and short term career goals or anything else that you deem crucial for the committee to know, in order to make a decision on your application.


  • One original sample of academic writing

This can be your undergraduate or master’s thesis, a project report, a term paper that you wrote for a course. The work has to be completely original, and will be checked for evidences of plagiarism. Any plagiarism detected can lead your application to be summarily rejected.


- Please send the above documents via e-mail –


Prospective applicants are advised to consult these books before preparing their application materials:


American Psychological Association (Ed.). (2007). Getting in: A step-by-step plan for gaining admission to graduate school in psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


Keith-Spiegel, P., & Wiederman, M. W. (2000). The complete guide to graduate school admission: Psychology, counseling, and related professions. New York, NY: Psychology Press.


Procedure of selection and admission

Ph.D. admission will be based on a written test at the Ashoka University campus in Sonepat, followed by a personal interview.


For admission in Monsoon 2019,

Applications will open on January 7, 2019 and close on March 17, 2019.  

The admission test and interview will be conducted during third week of April, 2019.

The specific dates and schedules will be released by mid-March, 2019.


The duration, number of questions and weightage of the sections included in  the admission test will also be released at this time. Candidates are requested to carefully go through the syllabus and prepare accordingly.


Names of the applicants accepted for admission will be uploaded on the PhD page of the program website (accepted and waitlisted etc.) through May 2019.


When the name of the candidate appears on the website as selected, the candidate has one month to accept or decline the admission offer. The program will consider an offer declined if we don’t hear back via email from the accepted applicant within one month. In case of a wait list, the program will then consider those applicants. Applicants will be expected to arrive and settle when Monsoon semester starts, which is usually in the last week of August.

Admission for PhD Psychology (Monsoon 2019) is over, and the next admission cycle for 2021 session will begin by the end of 2020. 


A limited number of Ph.D. fellowships will be offered by Ashoka University to support Ph.D. students (as per the rules and regulations of the University). The fellowship includes a monthly stipend of INR 35,000 per month, a contingency grant of INR 20,000, and offers extensive teaching opportunities. There is no additional stipend for teaching.


The monthly stipend and annual contingency grant given to Ph.D. students who receive other scholarships (from UGC, CSIR or a partner organization) will be decided based on terms covering the scholarship itself and as per the regulations of the University. Students will also be offered housing on campus, subject to availability). In case on-campus housing is not available, Rs. 7000 per month rent allowance will be paid towards off-campus housing.


Duration of the program: 5 Years –(125 Credits)

For M.Phil./M.Tech: 4 Years – (100 Credits)


For any queries please email