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Young India Fellowship | Class of 2019-20

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) is a one year multidisciplinary postgraduate diploma programme in Liberal Studies. The Fellowship brings together a group of 300 bright young individuals who show exceptional intellectual ability and leadership potential from across the country, and trains them to become socially committed agents of change.


Application to The Young India Fellowship Programme does not require an application fee.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for the YIF are:

  1. A recognised undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline

  2. Maximum of 28 years of age on 31st May, 2019

  3. Strong academic record and extra-curricular engagement

  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills


The application process for the Class of 2019-20 is now closed. 


Given the unique nature of the programme there is no specific type of profile for a Young India Fellow. However, the following points are being presented to give a broad idea of what we look for. A Young India Fellow could be someone who has:

  1. A deep-rooted ambition to solve problems and make an impact on society

  2. Passion for an idea or issue which could have wider social/business/academic implications

  3. The humility to believe that they need to learn more

  4. The willingness to think differently and chart a new course

  5. A demonstrated ability to overcome challenges

  6. Qualities of integrity, self-awareness, energy, initiative and open-mindedness

  7. An above-average academic record

Application Process

What is the Young India Fellowship (YIF)?



Who is a prospective Young India Fellowship student?



What makes a successful YIF application?



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YIF Admissions