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Principles of the Programme

The one year programme of Young India Fellowship has been designed on the following key principles:

  1. To provide the Fellows with a holistic learning experience to open minds and broaden perspectives.

  2. To nurture leadership, creativity, collaboration, empathy and adaptability.

  3. To assist the Fellows to acquire essential skills needed for research, problem-solving and effective communication.

  4. To spark new ideas and create opportunities for personal and professional growth for the Fellows.

Design of the Programme

The programme is delivered through a mix of:

  1. Class room lectures by leading faculty from India and around the world

  2. Skill development workshops run by experts and qualified peers

  3. Real life projects under the Experiential Learning Module

  4. Mentoring by experienced professionals from different fields

  5. Guest sessions and seminars by leaders from various sectors from around the world

YIF Programme Design