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Critical Writing


The Critical Writing programme is an integral part of the Young India Fellowship. Over a span of 10 months, this programme aims to develop critical reading, thinking, and writing skills that will help Fellows engage with the world of ideas and enable them to develop and express their own ideas in a well-reasoned, lucid, and engaging manner. 


These skills act as building blocks for the multidisciplinary liberal arts education that you will receive. It also enhances your ability to navigate the academic, professional, and social spheres around you.


Since these skills are best imparted in smaller groups, the writing programme is administered in groups of 30 Fellows each. There are 10 Writing Preceptors at YIF and each Preceptor further subdivides their group into two in order to work closely and rigorously with every member of their cohort over the academic year. 


All Preceptors follow a shared writing curriculum that focuses on three core skills — critical thinking, reading and writing. Each Preceptor though designs their classes depending on their research interests, disciplinary training, and pedagogic style. They use a carefully curated sequence of writing assignments along with multiple rounds of feedback, workshopping, and dedicare office hours which will help you to :


  • Read, analyse, critique, review, and respond to texts (across media);
  • Communicate ideas by composing texts in a variety of genres that utilize analysis, critique, reflection, and narration skills;
  • Make effective arguments using rigorous reasoning and evidence;
  • Understand how to engage with counter-arguments and divergent points of view;
  • Develop preliminary research skills and  work with sources;
  • Learn how knowledge is constructed in different disciplines;
  • Work with drafts; revise, rewrite and proofread their writing; 
  • Build dialogues in an ethical manner.

This course has been designed keeping in mind the diversity of the YIF cohort and Fellows’  different reading and writing skills. Irrespective of whether one is already an established and published writer, or whether one has difficulty in reading and writing basic academic English, there is no need to feel either intimidated or underwhelmed by this course. There is no prerequisite knowledge that we require students to possess to take this course. 

Final Draft: The Journal of YIF Critical Writing


The inaugural issue of Final Draft: A Journal of YIF Critical Writing was launched on April 24, 2018. A labour of love of the YIF Critical Writing Programme, this journal brings together academic papers, opinion editorials, and narrative essays written by Fellows from previous batches of the Young India Fellowship. The diverse range of writing — from gender, politics, education, ethics, caste, to religion and others — is reflective of the multidisciplinary pedagogy of the Young India Fellowship, the rigour of the Critical Writing programme, and the richness of thought that Fellows bring to the Fellowship.


Physical copies of the journal are available at the Ashoka University library, soft copies can be downloaded by clicking here. Writing Preceptors look forward to your support as they build Final Draft into an annual journal that curates the best writing that emerges over each academic year in the YIF Critical Writing Programme.