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FAQs for YSP-Winter


What is the Young Scholars Programme!

The Young Scholars Programme is a five-day online programme that introduces high school students to the idea of a liberal arts & science education. In this certified programme where students are exposed to different disciplines such as History, Literature, Computer Science,  Psychology and more through online interactions and group discussions. The programme incorporates a range of activities such as faculty presentations, writing sessions, small group activities and creative workshops.  Further details can be found at


 What is a liberal arts & science education?

Liberal arts & science education celebrates discussion and debate in the classroom. A liberal arts & science education focuses on providing critical thinking skills and multiple perspectives to students, which is considered an essential part of leading an ethical and purposeful life. Essentially, it incorporates breadth and depth across multiple disciplines.


What are the dates of the YSP programme?

YSP: December 26 to 30, 2020 (Saturday to Wednesday)


When is the last date for submission of applications?

The deadline for applications is 17th November 2020


What are the charges for the Young Scholars Programme (YSP)?

The charges for the programme are as follows:

  • An application fee of Rs 500/- has to be paid with the submission of the completed application form. This is non-refundable.

  • YSP course fee is INR 25,000/- 

  • If selected the student has to pay the full fees to secure their spot.

What do the programme fees include?

The programme fee includes access to all the online sessions in the course duration, including founder talks, interactive sessions and follow up reading materials.

Is scholarship/financial aid available?

Yes, need-based financial aid is available.


How does one apply for financial aid?

The financial aid section is available on the online application form. Please visit the application portal to register and receive an application ID. Then continue to fill in the details required to avail financial aid in the application form and submit the completed application form.


How is students’ financial need assessed for financial aid?

The application for financial aid is part of the online application to the Young Scholars Programme. Students who apply for aid will have to submit the required documents as mentioned in the form for need based evaluation of financial aid. 


What is the programme schedule?

The final programme schedule will be shared with the selected students. The day will include academic sessions, a writing segment, creative multi-media activities and small group discussions. It will also feature talks by Ashoka Founders, a presentation by the Undergraduate Admissions team and much more that will provide a holistic experience for the participants. The day is creatively designed to engage young minds in the best possible manner by eminent Ashoka faculty and staff.


Who are the counsellors?

The counsellors are some of Ashoka’s finest students, carefully chosen after a rigorous selection process. They are trained to work and lead activities with high school students.


Who is the faculty?

All YSP faculty are members of the teaching staff at Ashoka and are some of the foremost academicians in their fields with several papers to their credit. They have years of experience teaching talented students across the world.


What are the criteria for selection for the Young Scholars Programme at Ashoka?

A holistic selection process is designed to determine the potential merit of the students. The evaluation is based upon academic performance and, co-curricular activities, and the essay to be written as part of the application.

What are the academic requirements for the applications?

You are required to upload a minimum of one or a maximum of two previous years marksheets for the grades attended. 


Is there a minimum percentage requirement to apply for the Young Scholars Programme?

No, there is no cut-off percentage for applying to the programme. 

Is there a waitlist?

Yes, there is a waitlist. Waitlisted students will be informed, and in case of vacancies, they will be contacted after admissions have been finalized.

How will the candidates be notified about their admissions decision?

Candidates will be notified about the admission decision via their registered email. YSP staff actively monitor all emails and respond with the required information promptly. 

Do we get a certificate for the Young Scholars Programme?

Yes, students will be given a certificate on successful completion of the programme, provided all sessions are attended and there has been desirable participation by the student. 

Will attending the programme increase my chances of admission to the undergraduate programme at Ashoka University?

Attending the YSP programme will give you an insight on liberal arts & sciences education and the Ashoka pedagogy. This will surely help you with your undergraduate application form at Ashoka University. However, this does not guarantee you an admission to Ashoka UG programme.

Are there any terms and conditions / code of conduct for the programme? 

Yes, all YSP student participants will have to accept terms and conditions that will include:

  • Being Responsible and ethical netizens 
  • Sensitive & committed to learning 
  • Offensive language on any platform will not be tolerated
  • All admitted students will have to sign an undertaking at the beginning of the programme

Will I have to attend all the sessions? 

YSP is a very engaging programme, attending each session will add value to your learning and knowledge across various topics and also help later in college applications and making informed choices. Hence, attendance and participation is strongly advised for a meaningful experience and to obtain the programme certificate. 

Are there any technical prerequisites for attending this online programme? 

Yes, since the YSP programme will be delivered online, a good basic Internet connectivity and a laptop or desktop with good internet bandwidth for attending YSP. Find a quiet corner from where you can login to absorb all the YSP learning coming your way!

What is the cancellation policy?

Yes, you can choose to withdraw from the programme, the following conditions will be applicable:-


Withdrawal Date


Before 25 November

  • Full course fee will be refunded, there will be no deduction of the processing charges (except any GST taxes as applicable) 

Between 26 Nov - 10 December

  • Deduction of 25% of the course fee and GST taxes as applicable. Balance will be refunded.

Between  11- 20 December

  • Deduction of 50% of the course fee and GST taxes as applicable. Balance will be refunded.

After 21 December

  • Deduction of 100% of the course fee.

All refunds will be processed after the programme. 


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