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Gurbachan Singh

Visiting Professor, Economics, Ashoka University

Ph.D. Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre

Gurbachan Singh is visiting professor at Ashoka University. He was previously visiting the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Delhi Centre. Earlier he was in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). He has published theoretical work in macro-finance in journals. He is currently working on a book on “Asset Prices and Macroeconomics: Thinking Afresh on Policy” (assets include real estate). He writes a regular ‘column’ for Business Standard; this applies economic theory in a very simple way to the current financial and macroeconomic situation mainly in India. He has previously contributed significantly to the portal Ideas for India.

He received his PhD from ISI (Delhi Centre), MA from Delhi School of Economics, and BA(H) from Hindu College, University of Delhi.

His research area is macro-financial stability. This is at the interface between finance (including behavioural finance), macroeconomics, central banking, and public economics. The work is in theory to explain the real world and to devise a simpler and well-targeted policy framework to reduce macro-financial instability in a sustainable way and with minimal adverse side-effects and after-effects.

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Study at Ashoka