International Students

Ashoka University currently hosts students from over fifteen countries across three batches of the Undergraduate programme. These students have come from places near and far such as- Nepal, Dhaka and Dubai to Ethiopia, Nigeria and California.

The University strives to give its international students the best of opportunities, immersing them in an environment that will make them feel at home. Right from celebration of festivals to art auctions and interdisciplinary talks, Campus life at the University is an exciting experience. The many clubs and societies prevalent on campus promise for an exciting time, whilst living on Ashoka’s campus. The campus also plays host to several food outlets, open from evening until early mornings, catering to the different cravings of students at almost every hour. The library and sports complex on campus is open throughout the day, along with the inhouse infirmary present on campus.

The 25-acre campus promises to give students a great excuse to take a walk, and to relax with the lush green surroundings.

Admission Process

  1. To study in Ashoka’s UG program a student needs to complete 12 years of school education which is recognized in their respective countries (List of Boards recognized by Ashoka:
  2. An applicant will have to submit his/her grade sheet for last 4 years of school education starting from the most recent one ( Grade 9 to Grade 12)

Important Dates :


 For any further queries with regards to International Students admissions process please feel free to email to

Financial Aid & Scholarships

All the students applying for financial aid have to submit proofs of their family annual financial income. The best way to do that is by submitting the family’s tax returns statement for last 3 years in case that is not available- an applicant should reach out to for further advice. Read more about our financial aid and scholarship policies.

Key Policies

Accepted Boards :

  • Ashoka University accepts students from all +2 level qualifications recognised by the AIU. Please click here to view the complete list of boards recognised by the AIU
  • For International Baccalaureate (IB) students, only applicants enrolled under the Diploma Programme are eligible to apply for the undergraduate programme at Ashoka University.
    Students enrolled in the IB Certificate Programme are not eligible to apply
  • For students enrolled in the Cambridge Board, applicants must appear for a minimum of 3 subjects at the A-level to be eligible to apply to the undergraduate programme at Ashoka University
  • For all other boards, we request students to share a conversion sheet/normalisation scale or any detailing around the grading/scoring system used by the board/school authorities with the Admissions Committee

Visa application:

The Office of International Programmes will provide support and guidance for visa application of selected students. You can address your queries and concerns to

  1. For which visa should I apply?
    You need a three year multiple-entry student visa to cover the duration of your undergraduate studies. The multiple-entry part is important as it enables you to leave India during the holidays to go back home.
  2.  How do I apply for the visa?
    Depending on your country’s bilateral relations with India, we strongly advise that you contact the Indian embassy in the country of residence and check their website for the visa application procedure.
    Since this is a residential university, all the students live on campus. While filling the visa application, your residential address will be the following –
    Plot #2, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, National Capital Region
    P. O. Rai, Sonepat
    Harayana 131 029
  3. What documents will I need?
    Typically, for your visa application you will be need admission letter and aid letter if any, which will be provided by the Admissions Team. The Office of International Programmes provides a visa letter to support your application. Make sure you have all the documents listed on the Indian Embassy website of your country.
  4. When should I apply for the visa?
    Ensure that you apply well in advance as visa procedures require three weeks or more. You can start the process as soon as you have the aforementioned documents from Ashoka.

Life on campus:

  1. Are there other international students on campus?
    Yes there are international students on campus; and the largest segments include students from Nepal, African countries like Ethiopia, Zambia; and countries from the Middle East like Bahrain, Qatar etc.
    The Office of International Programmes hosts a special orientation for the international students during Orientation Week. The warm and friendly group of international seniors will introduce you to campus life.


Sifan Tilahun, first year student from Ethiopia says:

“This past week at Ashoka; I've been noticing how college freshmen are so obviously college freshmen. They wear lanyards; spend hours picking out their first day of school outfit, and cheer out wrong names of players at football games. While I find all this amusing I truly enjoyed the classes and really liked the student-professor interaction. I appreciated Ashoka’s fast responses to all the questions that I asked. It is a pleasure to be in the statistics class in particular. It provides you with tools that enable you to be objective, thoughtful, and a careful in your daily activities. It requires you to think through the numbers, see beyond the obvious.”

Generous aid policy to fuel your dreams

More than 50% of our students are on scholarships.


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