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Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for Computer Science and the Sciences

Ashoka University offers merit cum means scholarship for exceptional Undergraduate students applying for the intake of 2024 and intending to major in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Computer Science at Ashoka.

A total of 25 scholarships will be awarded in addition to the need based financial aid available to all students, of which 5 of candidates will receive a waiver of 100% on Tuition and Residence, and remaining 20 will receive a waiver of 100% on Tuition.


In order to avail of this scholarship, the student should have received a confirmed offer of admission as per the existing holistic admissions process. The following qualifiers shall then be applied to select students that are eligible for the scholarship:

  • Any one of the following academic Cut-Offs based on Class XII Board Marks or National Entrance Tests:
    • Class XII Board Marks
      • CBSE/ISC/State Board (Indian) : >=98%;
      • IB : 41/42;
      • Cambridge : A*A*A;
    • National Entrance Tests
      • JEE mains* >=98 percentile; or
      • NEET* rank of 600 or higher; or
      • A valid Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) scholarship received in the year 2022

*Approval awaited from National Testing Agency

Apart from the academic requirements, candidates may be invited to apply for the scholarship on the basis of exceptional achievements or contributions in the field of pure sciences/ computer science, on a case by case basis

  • Family income of less than 40 Lacs p.a. (pre-tax) for Financial Year 2022-23
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP) for studying the intended Science major at Ashoka

Application Process

  1. Candidates shortlisted based on the cut-offs mentioned above will receive an invitation to apply for the Merit Scholarship.
  2. As a part of the scholarship application, candidates will be required to submit a form with a Statement Of Purpose (SOP) , along with the latest Income Tax Return of their parents/guardian. This application form will be open for 5 days.
  3. A scholarship committee will further shortlist candidates based on the quality of their SOP and assessment of family income. Candidates shortlisted at this stage may also need to appear for a personal interview with the committee.
  4. Successful candidates will receive either a 100% waiver on Tuition Fee or a 100% waiver on Tuition and Residence depending on their overall performance in the selection process.

Expected Academic Performance after joining

Each student who is awarded the scholarship shall have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.5 each semester to be eligible to receive the scholarship for the next academic year.

For further queries, please refer to the FAQ section below or feel free to write to us at meritscholarships@ashoka.edu.in


Am I required to fill the need based Financial Aid form if I am already applying for the Science Scholarship?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you apply for need based financial aid along with the Science scholarship for the following reasons:

  1. You can receive need-based financial aid based on your family’s financial standing even if you do not qualify for merit scholarship/ merit scholarship is withdrawn later (see points 2 and 3 below) 
  2. You can get additional need based aid based on your family’s financial standing over and above the merit scholarship of Tuition/ Tuition+Residence waiver

Is there a quota for each round of admission?

No, there is no quota for each round of admission. The scholarships will be distributed to deserving students on a first come first served basis in each of the 4 rounds of admission.

Will I be allowed to switch to a non-science major later?

You can switch to a non-science major, however, the merit scholarship will stand withdrawn and the need based financial aid awarded to the student, at the time of joining, if any, will continue. 

What happens if the CGPA drops below 3.5 in a particular semester?

The merit scholarship component will be withdrawn if the CGPA drops below 3.5 in a particular semester. However, the need based financial aid awarded to the student at the time of joining will continue.

Can I apply for this scholarship after joining Ashoka?

Due to a limited number of scholarships, the student can only apply before accepting their offer of admissions.

Why is this scholarship only for Sciences and a subset of Sciences? Why are other BSc courses like Psychology and Economics & Finance not included? 

At this stage, this is a Donor-led initiative with the objective to promote research in the field of pure sciences and Computer Science.  We may extended this to other disciplines in the future as and when we receive interest from donors in any specified area of study

How can I apply if Class XII final scores/NEET/JEE/KVPY test results are not available in the round in which I have received my offer of admission?

Incase of non availability of Class XII final scores/NEET*/JEE*/KVPY results,  scholarships will be awarded on the basis of predicted Class XII scores, with the condition that your final scores should be the same or higher than predicted score. Incase the candidate fails to meet the predicted score, the merit scholarship component will stand withdrawn and the need based financial aid awarded to the student, at the time of joining, if any, will continue

Apart from the above, everyone will also be eligible to apply once the NEET/JEE/KVPY  scores are released, subject to availability of the seats.

*Approval awaited from National Testing Agency

Which category of KVPY Score do you accept – SA , SB or SX?

SX category (i.e. those who are appearing or have passed Class XII with science subjects) and SB category (pursuing 1st year BSc, outside Ashoka and seeking a fresh start at Ashoka) will be accepted. 

SA category (i.e. those who apply for the KVPY Exam while pursuing Class XI) will not be eligible.

Will existing Science students at Ashoka be eligible to apply?

The current scope of this scholarship is limited to incoming students of 2022 and onwards only.

Is the scholarship applicable for all four years at Ashoka?

Yes, it will be applicable to all four years at Ashoka provided the student maintains a CGPA of 3.5 or above in each academic year and continues to major in the specified courses.

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka