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Student Representatives

Yash (on the left) I’m a 4th year philosophy major currently working on my thesis, which is centred around metaphysical grounding. I came to ashoka intending to major in physics but soon switched to philosophy. Outside of the classroom, you can find me at the gym or at the basketball court.

Rhea (on the right): Rhea is a 3rd year PPE major with a crippling incapacity to choose between economics and Philosophy. Her interests are primarily the philosophy of science and logic but her one true skill is procrastination.

As Student Representatives, they liaise with the Philosophy Department and the Student Government on any issues regarding Philosophy at Ashoka. They are also in charge of the Students’ Handbook for Philosophy and are involved with the PhilSoc in the organization of India’s only Undergraduate Philosophy conference, PhilCon Ashoka University.

You can approach Yash and Rhea with any queries regarding the Philosophy department, courses or other academic concerns. They are available at philosophy.studentrep@ashoka.edu.in, and you are assured a prompt response to your query.

Past Student Representatives

Deepti Student Rep     

In 2020/21, Deepti Jayakrishnan (on the left) was a third year Philosophy Major with a Computer Science Minor. Nayancee Srivastava (on the right), too, was also a third year Philosophy Major and has been taking Political Science courses whenever she could. Deepti is interested in the structure of language and its usage. She took Existentialism once and is now a certified Deep Thinker™️. Nayancee will be doing logic for three semesters consecutively and is still figuring out why Philosophy is her Major. She left Law for Liberal Arts and might just go back to it.

Before Deepti and Nayancee, the student representative was Ritam Chakraborty. He has since graduated, was accepted for a Philosophy M.A. at Simon Frasier University in Canada, deferred due to the pandemic, and decided to use the waiting time period to complete an Advanced Philosophy Major during his ASP.

Before Ritam, the student representative was Devanshi Iyer, who also graduated, you can see her (and Ritam’s) testimonial in ASP Programme Page.

Before Devanshi, the student representative was Ila Deep. Before Ila, it was Mathura Samaran, who is now a Philosophy graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the first student representative was Jishnu Ghose, who is still around and serves as TF.

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