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Office of International Programmes

The Office of International Programmes offers exciting international opportunities that serve to further enhance student learning which allow students to take on new academic challenges that they may not encounter in a normal setting. During study abroad, students have a unique chance to be immersed in a different culture as well as build lasting connections with people from all over the globe. An international experience is not only academically challenging but is sure to give students a new perspective and broaden their horizons.

Ashoka University enables its students to study aboard in the summer or in a semester abroad. Ashoka is currently partnered with the following universities: –

Summer Abroad

Ashoka students may choose to extend their semester learning experience through Ashoka’s summer study abroad programme, by registering for courses taught at top international institutions. To explore mentored research, immersive foreign language education or other academic endeavours students have the option to enrol in programmes that offer a range of opportunities in various fields of study. These programmes offer an interdisciplinary approach to learning subjects such as Political Science, Economics, Environmental Studies and a host of others that allows a deep engagement with a particular discipline from multiple angles.


Semester Abroad

Ashoka is committed to offering its students the opportunity to spend a full semester abroad at one of its partner institutions. Students may take courses with the provision to transfer credits toward the major they undertake. The Office of International Programmes provides extensive information, advising and mentorship towards this effort.

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