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YIF Programme Fee: Class of 2021-22

In light of financial complexities offered by the pandemic, the fee for the YIF Class of 2021-22 will not be increased from the previous academic year. Below is the fee structure:

Tuition Fee: INR 7.5 Lakhs
Residence Fee: INR 1.95 Lakhs

Total Programme Fee: INR 9.45 Lakhs

Please note: Meal costs are not included in the programme fee. These amount to INR 50,000 (of which INR 10,000 is refundable on non-usage).

Refund Policy: Class of 2021-22

The following policy applies to individuals who are offered admission to Ashoka University’s Young India Fellowship, Class of 2021-22, and wish to withdraw their candidature after accepting the offer.

The last date of admissions to the Young India Fellowship (PG Diploma in Liberal Studies) is 10th July, 2021. In case of withdrawal of candidature, the candidate will be refunded a certain percentage of their deposited fees depending upon the date of their withdrawal.


Date of Withdrawal

Refund Percentage

On or before 25th June, 2021


26th June, 2021 to 9th July, 2021


10th July, 2021 to 25th July, 2021


26th July, 2021 to 9th August, 2021


On or after 10th August, 2021



Please Note:

  • An amount of 5% shall be deducted as processing charges (maximum of INR 5000) from the applicable refundable amount, in case of withdrawal on or before 25th June, 2021.
  • All refunds will processed within 15 days from the date of request for withdrawal of admission.
  • To read the University Grants Commission Notification on “Remittance and Refund of Fees and other Student Centric Issues”, which was approved by commission as of October 2018, please click here.

Education Loans

Ashoka University has collaborated with the following banks and organisations to provide admitted students with the option to explore education loans independent of our financial aid programme.

Please click on the following options for more details:

    1. HDFC Credila – NEW (Click here to apply)
    2. Gradright – NEW
    3. Credenc – Website
    4. Auxilo – Website

Financial Aid

Ashoka University is committed to offering a world-class education in India. This is matched by efforts to ensure that this education is accessible and affordable for students from all walks of life, through our philosophy of need-based financial aid.

The programme has helped support 68% of our Young India Fellows receive some level of financial grant since its inception over ten years ago. Roughly 51% of the Class of 2021 is on some form of need-based aid, while 34% of the Class of 2021 has received waivers of 50% on tuition or more.

A candidate’s ability to pay is assessed based on various financial resources available to them and their immediate family, including current income, savings, investments, and education loans, to finance the expected educational cost. Our endeavour is to provide necessary financial support which can help admitted candidates bridge the gap between the cost of the programme and their ability to pay.

Study at Ashoka

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