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Young Scholars Programme: Foundation

Offering students the best of Ashoka across disciplines & skills

The Young Scholars Programme- Foundation, a certified five-day residential summer programme, offers high schoolers  (entering grades 9-12) an introduction to the best of Ashoka and an inter- and transdisciplinary university level education. Tailored especially for ambitious high-schoolers, hungry for college-level academic rigour, and  looking to develop a comprehensive understanding of foundational disciplines and skills. 

The YSP Foundation Programme is the perfect bridge between theoretical learning at the school level and  experiential learning at a leading university and a recommended must-do for students irrespective of the disciplines they plan to pursue and the career choices they may make.  

It is designed to offer three unique outcomes through the five-day experience: 

1) Building foundational knowledge and a nuanced understanding of our world:

Each of the YSP Foundation programme sessions are inherently fundamental, relevant to all high schoolers, irrespective of  their subject preferences in college or career pathways. This foundational and nuanced knowledge will be a cornerstone for students to understand the world around them more comprehensively and will be a stepping stone to any disciplines they study in the future. Students will dive into the treasure trove of the Greatest Books of our  times, or traverse the Mysteries of Indian Civilizations, delve into the fascinating worlds of Scientific Principles or understand Human Behaviour better. With this strong and comprehensive foundation in core disciplines, scholars will be equipped to connect the dots across disciplines and craft fresh perspectives that set them apart. 

2) Introducing students to the foundations of thought & nurturing intellectual curiosity: 

At the YSP Foundation Programme, we teach you to think about what your textbooks cannot. Explore the art of critical thinking and analysing as you engage in inspiring conversations that challenge your mind. Learn how to apply thought to reality and solve real-world problems. During the programme, you will get an exposure to multiple styles of thinking such as mathematical and quantitative thinking, design thinking and creativity, computational reasoning etc. Here, we believe in staying true to the Ashokan spirit of critical inquiry by making young scholars ready to embrace critical inquiry, analysis and argumentation in their writing, discussion, and life! 

3) Developing critical 21st century skills through dialogic sessions & hands-on modules: 

Experience the heart of our flagship programme in thoughtfully designed workshops and hands-on sessions  tailored to cultivate foundational understanding across disciplines. 21st century skill workshops will prepare  students for tomorrow in areas like leadership skills, understanding group dynamics, collaboration, writing  persuasively, or building an entrepreneurial mindset. Learn the most relevant skills for the future with interactive,  hands-on sessions and prepare yourself for the opportunities of tomorrow with resilience and adaptability in the  face of a changing professional landscape. 

The YSP Foundation Programme includes an Inspiring Speaker Series where students meet academicians, researchers and industry leaders at the forefront of their respective fields. These interactions, planned as dialogic sessions, help students find and get the inspiration they need to excel in their life and the insights they need to plan their career and life ahead. 

Hands on projects at YSP Foundation Programme: 

The YSP Foundation Programme offers more than just academic exploration. It emphasises hands-on experiential learning,  complemented by specialised workshops focusing on essential 21st-century and critical thinking skills. These  workshops, led by seasoned practitioners and industry leaders, provide scholars with invaluable insights directly  from those at the forefront of their fields. From Design Thinking and Creativity to The Art of College Essay, from Building Resilience to Developing Your Unique Learning Style, you will get to attend sessions to build these  foundational skills relevant for any disciplines or careers you may choose. 

Designed thoughtfully to develop holistic skills which transcend disciplinary boundaries, our workshops are  crafted to shape scholars to become trailblazers as they put theoretical understanding to actual play as they solve  modern problems



The Programme’s Faculty seminars are led by Ashoka’s global faculty, industry experts, leaders of today, and prominent personalities. Through a diverse and interdisciplinary pedagogical model, students are empowered to address global challenges. They’ll engage with stalwarts in their fields, applying an inter- & transdisciplinary and experiential learning approach to contemporary innovations.


Sample Inspiring Speakers

Students attending the YSP Foundation Programme get an opportunity to engage with industry leaders, academicians and counsellors in Open House Sessions, bringing real-world perspectives to enable better decision making on subjects, colleges and career pathways.

Sample topics

Under the mentorship of Ashoka’s global faculty, young scholars will traverse a interdisciplinary landscape,  exploring subjects from Literature, Psychology, International Relations, and Environmental Studies to Applied &  Behavioural Sciences, including Data & Computer Sciences, Biology, Astrophysics. This holistic approach allows  students to think critically to navigate the wide world of interdisciplinary learning. Exploring the relationship  between sustainability and politics, or the combination of computers and social sciences, scholars have an opportunity to ask diverse and relevant questions and learn about how they can be answered meaningfully.

Join us at the YSP Foundation Programme, where academic exploration meets skill development, preparing scholars for a promising future.  

Faculty Lectures  Crafted to allow students to dive deep into a wide expanse of disciplines, and appreciate the interdisciplinary approach to learning, our faculty lectures focus on interdisciplinary and diverse areas. For example, students are introduced to the utility of a literary character like Mowgli, and how his story throws light on historical realities and perspectives surrounding colonialism, the white man’s burden, and exoticism. Along with this, students will also discover what is up and coming in the Sciences, like the transformative abilities of Data Modelling and the revolution it’s creating in Healthcare Economics, and making health accessible to a larger populace
21st Century Skills Workshops  Beyond academics, YSP Foundation offers hands-on experiential learning, where scholars acquire skills necessary and relevant to thrive in our times. These workshops are designed to challenge scholars and view problem areas through a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Not just this, they acquire skills to think creatively in our specially crafted Writing Modules, where they practice writing across varied forms. Additionally, they are also exposed to other skills like empathy, creativity, problem-solving abilities through workshops on areas like Design Thinking, Art of Debating, among many others. 


Programme Schedule

A day at our flagship programme, the YSP Foundation Programme, starts off with faculty-led sessions that allow students to dive deeper into the multi-faceted world of liberal arts and sciences. Students then find themselves in our workshops which are designed to function as an exciting and interactive space for students to become products of their learnings. 

This experience is enhanced with our guest speakers who share insights from industry practice, equipping students with real-world as well as academic knowledge. 

The day winds down with fun & recreational activities including sports and the performing arts.

A sample schedule for the YSP Foundation Programme is given below:

YSP Foundation Programme Schedule

*tentative schedule, subject to change

Learning Outcomes


  • Comprehensive immersion into the core foundational disciplines: Gain a deep and nuanced understanding of the diverse disciplines, providing a solid foundation for informed college and career decisions.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Develop the ability to analyse complex issues from multiple perspectives, encouraging innovative solution-seeking and informed decision-making.
  • 21st Century Skills: Master essential skills for the modern world, such as digital literacy, design thinking, collaboration, and adaptability, preparing for future academic and professional challenges.
  • Inter- & Transdisciplinary Exploration: Delve into multiple academic disciplines, fostering a holistic and well-rounded academic perspective that transcends traditional boundaries.
  • Real-world Application: Engage in experiential learning activities that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in real-world contexts.
  • Networking: Engaging with industry leaders, peers, and faculty will provide students with valuable insights and connections, fostering a robust academic and industry network for future endeavours.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, students will immerse themselves in cultural, sports, and social activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience that mirrors college life.

Applications for YSP 2024 are now closed. Thanks for the overwhelming response.


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