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YIF Admissions Overview

The Class of 2024-25 will comprise approximately 100 bright and curious individuals from India and abroad, who will be handpicked through a rigorous and holistic selection process. They will be groomed over a year of residential multidisciplinary education and multidimensional learning at Ashoka University, following which they will belong to a global community of emerging leaders and change-makers for the 21st century. Fellows receive a post-graduate diploma in liberal studies from Ashoka University upon graduating (completing all required credits).

Eligibility: Class of 2024-25

To be eligible for the Young India Fellowship’s 2024-25 intake, applicants should have completed a recognized undergraduate degree or equivalent in any discipline as of July 2024. 

Please Note:

  • Final-year undergraduate students who will complete their degree or equivalent in the summer of 2024 are eligible to apply. Applicants may have work experience and/or a postgraduate credential. They may also be entrepreneurs, freelancers, in the middle of a gap year, or preparing for competitive examinations, among others.
  • We welcome applicants of all age groups across diverse academic, geographical, professional, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What We Look For

There is no typical profile of a Young India Fellow. The following attributes should give you a broad sense of what we look for:

Intellectual Curiosity
We are looking for individuals who are on a quest for knowledge and seeking a holistic educational experience. Our ideal candidate is committed to all aspects of the programme and actively contributes towards a thriving peer learning community.

Drive and Self-Awareness
We look for Fellows who are passionate about exploring their true potential and have a drive to reach for the stars. We also look for self awareness and humility to believe that they need to learn more, with a commitment to lifelong learning.

Potential for Impactful Leadership
Our Fellows need to not only have demonstrated ability to overcome challenges but also have a deep-rooted drive to solve problems and make an impact on society. We look for qualities of integrity, initiative and open-mindedness along with a demonstrated track record of meaningful engagement with work, study or areas of interest.


The Young India Fellowship is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. We do not discriminate between applicants on the basis of ability, religion, caste, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, interests, or points of view. We aspire to build and sustain a learning community in which all students feel that they belong.


WATCH: Who is an Ideal Young India Fellow?

Who Should Apply

There is no single ideal profile of a Young India Fellow. Fellows differ in where they come from, why they come to the YIF, what they do at and derive from the YIF, and also what they do after completing the YIF. However, common characteristics include curiosity, drive, humility, open-mindedness and a demonstrated record of engaging meaningfully with diverse interests.

Historically, the following have been the key reasons for why individuals wish to pursue the YIF:

  • Changing career paths
  • Self-discovery and finding purpose
  • 21st century skill building
  • Strengthening networks
  • Exposure to new perspectives
  • Belonging to a community of thought leaders and change-makers

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