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Department of Psychology

Psychology at Ashoka University is organized around a scientific approach to the study of behaviour. Students are encouraged to develop scientific investigative and analytical skills that enable critical thinking and statistically sound research work in the field. The Department of Psychology is committed to a cross-disciplinary study of the subject, spanning different domains of psychology, and faculty expertise is representative of this cross-disciplinary approach. Faculty members have diverse areas of research and teaching interest, including social and developmental psychology, biological, cognitive, and clinical and counselling psychology. Courses offered by the department give students an understanding of all of these core domains, and enable students to explore specialised elective courses within any of these domains. Our department will create a conducive academic climate for intellectual growth, both for ourselves and for our students. We will also create an inclusive space, and one where an understanding of neurodiversity is used to critically examine unscientific pathological frameworks. The department’s culture aims to be one of mutual respect and consultation among students and faculty, whether in research, pedagogy or administration. As of 2021-2022, graduates will get a B.Sc. rather than a B.A. in psychology.

By integrating teaching with research the department is committed to promoting human well-being by:

  1. Offering well-grounded, high quality education to students through rigorous and experiential  learning opportunities.
  2. Establishing state-of-art research for advancing the science of human behavior and enabling translation of this research into practice for dealing with real-world problems
  3. Supporting advocacy and awareness by sharing knowledge and expertise by collaborating both locally and globally with researchers and policy makers at large
  4. Creating a liberal arts approach and a critical thinking ethos in the sciences to advocate the best professional practices in psychological sciences
  5. Building interagency partnerships among state agencies and programs in health, education, and human services.


Faculty at Psychology

Psychology Academic Expo (2022) Slides

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Dear students, the Department will not be conducting a centralized application round for ASP this year. For ASP and Advanced ISM requests, please approach individual faculty if you are interested and submit your application directly to them based on what documents they require.

CITI program certification

The new IRB website for the University mandates students complete Ethics training per the requirements specified on the website https://irb.ashoka.edu.in/Forms/tabdata.aspx?d=/DMKq8Oh1nIK8vmVpNqjpH9TQoRw4G0UVRwC+RmKziI= check with your advisor and please ensure compliance with this policy for any research that can be a potential publication



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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If your question is not answered, place the question on the FAQ form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SrAfpaUsCKt1Se_CZfrir9tQ_T4TTQvbc9hIKJd1nJg/edit. You will get a reply within 24 hours, often right away.

Contact Us

For any queries regarding specific Psychology programmes, please contact: -

Supriya Ray

Head of Department


Vijeta Choudhary

Academic administrative head


Pranati Mahajan

Student Representative


Pankhudi Narayan

Student Representative


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