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Placement Statistics 2021-22

Our graduates are recruited across diverse profiles some of which include; Business Development Associate, Management Consultant, Data Analyst, Editorial Associate, Data Science Management Trainee, Journalist, Growth Manager, and Product Manager, among others. The graduating batch of 2022 was placed exceptionally well across major sectors and industries.

  • 250+

    Participating companies

  • 37 LPA

    Highest Salary offered

  • 356

    Placement offers

  • Rs. 1.5 LPM

    Highest Stipend offered

  • 357

    Internship Offers

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) aims to help students evaluate their goals, prepare for recruitment, explore new possibilities, and navigate the tangled web of job hunting. We offer one-on-one counselling sessions, workshops on resume building, interview skills, writing SoPs and cover letters, and more. We also open avenues for employers to interact with the Ashoka University students to foster relationships and facilitate recruitment.

Career Development Office

Career Preparatory Program

The Career Preparatory Program is designed to enhance the technical and professional skills of students. The Program prepares these students not only for the workplace but also for a lifelong career of espousing the right cause. We groom the leaders of tomorrow to be their most creative and inventive selves, and we bring them closer to inspiring opportunities in the job market.

The Program includes masterclasses, talks by industry experts, Founder sessions, alumni round table talks, business communication workshops, resume reviews, group discussions, and mock interviews, among other sessions.

Our Programmes

Undergraduate Programme

Ashoka University offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate programme, in the interest of exposing students to many different perspectives in and out of the classroom. Students might come to Ashoka already determined to specialise in one subject, but they are not expected to declare their Major until the middle of the second year.

Delivered in collaboration with

Ashoka Scholars Programme

Ashoka University, in compliance with UGC guidelines, offers a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree programme.  It also offers a year-long Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research (DipASR). All undergraduates graduating with Bachelor’s Degrees at the end of their third year, or who have completed by that time at least academic 92 credits of their degree programme, are eligible for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research programme, also known as the Ashoka Scholars Programme (ASP). Students who need to complete up to 8 credits of their undergraduate degree must do so within the first semester of the ASP. All students who fall into either of these categories must formally apply for admission to the ASP towards the end of the Spring semester of their third year. The exact date will be circulated by the OAA.

Young India Fellowship

YIF is Ashoka University’s fully residential one-year multidisciplinary liberal studies in postgraduate diploma programme. First of its kind in India, the Fellowship brings together the brightest students from diverse academic and social backgrounds, who are then guided by distinguished scholars and leaders of our times. They are taught to develop critical thinking and writing skills, understand leadership and group dynamics and get exposure to a wide range of subjects. This transformational experience turns them into problem-solvers and collaborators who are an asset to organisations and society.

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Masters in Liberal Studies

Ashoka University’s MA programme in Liberal Studies is a 32-credit, a one-year programme offered to students who have graduated with a diploma in Liberal Studies from the Young India Fellowship, and have been accepted by an Ashoka University faculty mentor to work on a specific research project as a graduate assistant. This programme’s interdisciplinary module contains coursework from a variety of disciplines, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, and Natural Sciences. The University aims to train students to think critically about their disciplines of interest while deriving insights from other disciplines. The MA programme in Liberal Studies also helps students to prepare their graduate applications.

Masters programme in Economics

Ashoka University’s Masters programme in Economics has been developed to provide students with the opportunity to be trained in modern Economics by highly qualified economists. Applications opened for the first batch of Masters in Economics students in February this year.

Masters in English

Ashoka University’s MA programme in English mentors students to think across boundaries of genre, culture and time. The programme’s curriculum introduces students to a wide array of texts, theories and disciplinary formations from around the world. The programme lets students pursue courses in other departments at the University for integrated education.

Internship Cell

The Ashoka Internship Cell, an extension of the Career Development Office provides exceptional opportunities for young Ashokans to hone their skills for the dynamic career ahead.

This past year, Ashokans interned with prestigious organisations such as Spencer Stuart, DE Shaw & Co., HUL, ITC, Ab Inbev, Axis Bank, IndusInsights, Adobe, JSW Group, SAP Labs, Amuse Labs, MSL Group, The Print, and Doctors Without Borders. Some of the roles offered to the students were Financial Research Intern, Business Analyst Intern, Risk Analytics Intern, Software Engineering Intern, Quality Assurance Intern, Donor Relations and Communications Intern, Operations & Strategy Intern, Content Writing Intern, Digital Health Intern, Research and Content Management Intern. The highest stipend offered this year was 1.5 lakhs per month at Hindustan Unilever Limited.

The Internship season of 2022 concluded with 350+ offers, with the participation of 140+ organisations.

Internship Cell

Team Career Development Office

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