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Student Government

The Ashoka University Student Government (AUSG) is a governing body run by the students to represent collective demands of the student body and help facilitate communication with the university’s administration.

It is composed of elected representatives and appointed ones. The AUSG’s governing document is the Student Government Constitution. It comprises the academic councils, the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Ministries.

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Structure of Government

  1. Councils for each Academic Cohort: All cohorts at Ashoka are represented through their Council. Members of the Undergraduate Council (listed below) are elected to represent the interests of the Undergraduate body and raise their interests and concerns. Similarly, there are Councils for Masters, PhD and YIF students. Members of the UG Council serve as PoCs to Ministries and certain members of the Council are elected to the House of Representatives
  2. House of Representatives: This is the foremost elected body of the Student Government, consisting of proportional representation from all four academic cohorts. The HoR exists to serve the interests of the entire student body and all other associated stakeholders in their entirety. The House consists of representatives from each of the Councils, the number of which is proportional to the cohort size. The Undergraduate Council currently has elected 7 members to the House. 
  3. Cabinet of Ministries: Ministries are bodies that overlook different facets of the University. All ministries fall under the purview of the President and Vice-President.

Elected Representatives

President: Sankalp Dasmohapatra (UG 24)
Vice-President: Tamanna Parikh (UG24)

UG Council:

  • Aditi Warrier (UG24)
  • Ahana Walanju (UG25)
  • Anshika Chaudhry (UG25)
  • Debadrito Poddar (UG25)
  • Domil Antony Johnson (UG25)
  • Hrishit Lath (UG25)
  • Navya Asopa (UG24)
  • Prachet Sinha (UG25)
  • Rishit Roy (UG25)
  • Romil Jain (UG25)
  • Rutuparna Debalina Naik (UG24)
  • Samarth Jain (UG24)
  • Shashwat Agrawal (UG24)
  • Sidh Kavedia (UG25)
  • Trishika Singhania (UG25)


Masters Council:

  • Anshika Mittal (MA 24)


House of Representatives:

  • Aditi Warrier (UG24)
  • Ahana Walanju (UG25)
  • Anshika Mittal (MA24)
  • Navya Asopa (UG24)
  • Rishit Roy (UG25)
  • Rutupurna Debalina Naik (UG24)
  • Samarth Jain (UG24)
  • Trishika Singhania (UG25)


  • Ministry of Academic Affairs: Shreedaya Arvind (UG24)
  • Campus Life Ministry: Paarthvi Raj Singh (ASP24)
  • Ministry of Community Well-Being: Akarsh Pahuja (UG24)
  • Jazbaa (Cultural Ministry): Vamika Dadoo (UG24)
  • Technology Ministry: Maanas Kejriwal (UG24)
  • Sports Ministry: Pranav Koka (UG24)
  • Tarang (Environment Ministry): Pratiti Sarkar (UG24)
  • Treasurer: Janhvi Gupta (ASP24)
  • Public Relations Director: Tia Garg (UG24)

Contact Us

If there are any ideas, issues, or grievances that you would like to bring to the notice of the Student Government, you may reach out to any member of the House of Representatives,

e-mail sg@ashoka.edu.in, or visit our website sg.ashoka.edu.in

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