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Ashoka University’s Liberal Arts and Sciences education enables critical thinking, complex problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and innovation for impact and change.

The Ashoka University education provides students with foundational knowledge and disciplinary depth while encouraging them to find unexplored connections across disciplines, leading to innovative outcomes. It trains them to do their own in-depth thinking after understanding an issue from multiple viewpoints and perspectives. It orients them towards asking the right questions instead of accepting  obvious answers. It combines the qualitative with the quantitative, recognising that every avenue or venture in life has a human context apart from a technical or financial one. 

Most importantly, the Ashoka University education teaches students how to learn, preparing them for a future in which both knowledge and work evolve continuously.

The academic programmes offered by Ashoka University in a dialogic classroom prepare students to excel in research and higher education as well as in the application of their knowledge to tackle real-world problems as future leaders who can drive change.


Ashoka’s academic programmes offer students endless opportunities to amplify their ambitions and future career goals. The University offers Undergraduate Programmes, Graduate Programmes, Ph.D. Programmes, the Young India Fellowship, Global Education Programmes, Young Scholars Programme, Lodha Genius Programme and Summer Programmes.


Ashoka University offers a 4-year, multidisciplinary undergraduate degree programme, in the interest of exposing students to many different perspectives in…

Young India Fellowship

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) is Ashoka University’s flagship programme. Offered as a year-long residential postgraduate diploma in Liberal Studies,…


Ashoka University’s list of graduate academic programmes provides students with exhaustive knowledge of their subject areas and prepares them to…


Ashoka PhD Programme carries a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, academic research and hands-on experiences with real-world challenges. Ashoka envisions…

Summer Programmes

Ashoka University offers an intensive six-week study programme, during the summer for undergraduate students. The summer semester is held in…

The Lodha Genius Programme

Training young minds to be the nation building leaders of tomorrow The Lodha Genius Programme is a joint initiative between…

Young Scholars Programme

Be better informed & better prepared for college & beyond Ashoka’s Young Scholars Programmes (YSP) are certified, summer, residential programmes,…

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Ashoka offers a wide range of programmess from bachelor’s to master’s degrees passing by executive education programmes and covers the full learning cycle.


Ashoka University offers programs for lifelong learning at distinct career stages. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s and YIF programmes along with executive education programmes for the busiest professionals.


Libraries form the soul of any learning environment. The Ashoka library too plays an essential role in the University, adding to the vibrancy of the campus. The library’s emphasis is on both print and digital media. n a short span of five years, the Ashoka Library has developed an excellent collection of books in the liberal arts, thanks to the vision of the founders and a generous flow of personal collections.


Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates Programme

The CMGGA Programme is a strategic collaboration between the Government of Haryana and Ashoka University to improve governance in the state and driving a mass impact on ground.



AshokaX is a unique online offering by Ashoka University, India’s premier Liberal Arts university, to bring its world-renowned faculty and learning experience to a broader audience in India and around the world. Built on a robust intellectual foundation.

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