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Applications Open – November 1st, 2023

Applications Close – January 31st, 2024

Test Date – February 3rd, 2024

Phone Interviews – February 15th to February 29th, 2024

Admission Offers & Confirmations – March 10th, 2024

On-campus Programme Dates – May 17th to June 16th, 2024

Off-Campus Programme – June 17th, 2024 onwards

All students enrolling in this programme will have to stay on-campus from May 17th to June 16th, 2024

Email us at lodhageniusprogramme@ashoka.edu.in 

Training young minds to be the nation-building leaders of tomorrow

The Lodha Genius programme is a certified programme for students from classes 9 to 12 to ensure that they experience what it is like to be a scientist or mathematician in the best institutes, universities, laboratories, and departments in India or elsewhere in the world. This programme consists of an intense 4-week on-campus program during the summer and a light touch engagement that will be conducted around the year to offer mentoring and access to resources. The year-long mentoring is meant to ensure that talent is not wasted and finds the right outlets. This will maximize the impact of the program in the long run. To this end, the participating students will have hands-on access to cutting edge technology and mathematical problems and will be trained by scientists and researchers from all over the world in various trans-disciplinary subjects such as mathematics, microscopy, astronomy, ecology, wildlife conservation and industrial design to name a few. 

Traditionally, such programs have had an extraordinary impact on science and mathematics. Students of such programs have dominated math and science olympiads, and won the top science and mathematics awards. They have studied in the top universities of the world, and have had a large impact during their scientific careers.

Key Benefits to Students
  • Build academic rigour
  • Be exposed to concepts & ideas at the cutting edge of various fields
  • Cultivate a sense of ethics that prioritizes serving the community and country
  • Develop strong lateral thinking skills and a problem-solving mindset
  • Access to Ecology field trips; build greater awareness of the environment and ecosystems
  • Develop leadership, collaboration and communication skills
  • Access to peer-based learning cohorts, latest scientific equipment, technology and other resources
100% scholarship programme


  • Course Fees
  • Travel
  • Study materials
  • Boarding & lodging (on-campus module)
Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka