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Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations at Ashoka is uniquely placed to offer training from experts at the cutting edge of this discipline. Its internationally renowned faculty offers richly varied perspectives on the challenges of understanding the South Asian region and beyond, from the points of view of both scholars as well as practitioners. This is a highly inter-disciplinary department, whose contributions to the analysis of South Asia’s international history position it at the forefront of an exciting area of research in academia.  The department offers a ‘Minor’, and a ‘Concentration’ in International Relations, ideal for undergraduate students who seek a ‘bridge’ discipline that can supplement, and further develop their understandings of how the world works, and the nature and utility of internationalism to different fields, a scholarly understanding of how the analysis of the regions international challenges are better understood with reference to its history. 


Faculty at International Relations

The Faculty at the IR department are at the cutting edge of various aspects of the discipline: evaluating leadership norms; challenging Eurocentric frames of reference for understanding IR; and the influence of geopolitics on the making of foreign policy. Scholars in this department have also pioneered the field of analyzing how an archivally grounded analysis of foreign policy making is critical to the discipline. Collectively, their research shapes the broader discussion and analysis of South Asia’s internationalist dilemmas, both within India and outside.


Ashoka Society for International Affairs (A.S.I.A)

Being Ashoka's newest academic society, Ashoka Society for International Affairs (A.S.I.A) has a very simple but ambitious goal: to bring the field of International Relations to the student body. To that end, they seek to explore both traditional (war, peace, etc.) and constructivist (gender, psychology, etc.) angles to IR. They have tons of exciting events lined up every semester which includes thrilling panel discussions with journalists, policymakers and ambassadors (including the occasional lunch sessions), simulation games, sessions on the languages of IR, conversations with students writing thesis papers, curating academic archives, and so much more. They seek to establish A.S.I.A as an avenue to understand the massive span of the field of IR.




In the Media

Book Talk_ IR Event

Voices Around the World’ Series

Contact Us

For any queries regarding International Relations programmes, please contact: -

Pallavi Raghavan

Head of Department


Pratima Kadian

Department Manager


Jahnavi Mukul

Student Representative


If you have queries specific to the History and International Relations interdisciplinary major, please reach out to:-

Nayana Niji

Student Representative


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