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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs drives student experience outside the classroom. It is aimed towards making the university life of students enriching and well-rounded. Student Affairs cultivates and promotes student learning and development, with a strong commitment towards diversity, inclusion and mutual respect; physical and mental wellbeing; cultural enrichment and creating opportunities for empowerment.

The Pillars of Student Affairs

Student Affairs at Ashoka University comprises of Student Life Office, Residence Life Office, and Sports & Exercise Office. Through these very significant and strong components that make up Student Affairs, the Office works towards creating a robust learning and living environment outside the classroom. Each of these branches occupies and crafts intellectually stimulating spaces in their own right. Be it the creative and extracurricular domain of Student Life; the active and invigorating space of the Sports fields; or the ingeniously curated Halls of Residence – each one provides scope and potential for harnessing their skills and talents in a wide sphere of learning.

Welcome to this world, where the classroom goes far beyond the walls of physical space; where learning takes place under the bright blue Sonepat skies; where learning takes place within the spaces we reside in; where learning takes place on the sports fields; where learning takes place at music and dance studios and in the art room; where learning takes place amidst the greens and soil at the kitchen garden right next to the Residence Halls! Where learning has no boundaries but only waits for us to create our own and more!

Marquee Events

Student Excellence Awards

The Student Excellence Awards are guided by the spirit of positive reinforcement and healthy competition. We believe that excellence is achieved by inclusion and not exclusion by way of ranking. The awards are rooted in the philosophy of recognizing merit in every person, who by way of stepping out of their comfort space and pushing boundaries, have been able to contribute towards an enriching and inspiring campus experience for all. The broad spectrum of categories and subcategories for the awards (outlined in the policy) is intended to create a plateau instead of a peak of achievements.


The Series – Trailing Passions and Life Journeys

‘Living the dream’ is a common phrase we all wish we could apply to our lives. All of us strive to achieve our dreams, but until we get there we continue to wonder what it is like to do what we love and succeed at it. Hearing stories from such individuals is often motivation enough to keep on the path to our dreams. The Series is an endeavour where one will bear witness to the stories and experiences of individuals who had the good fortune of excelling at their passions. Having lived their dreams, the stories may just nudge you toward the path to yours.

Contact Us

Write to us at studentaffairs@ashoka.edu.in

Follow us on Instagram at osa_ashokauniv.

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