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Department of Visual Arts

The Department of Visual Arts at Ashoka University combines courses in Art History and Visual Culture with training in material, media and site specific aspects of Studio Arts. While the Art History and Visual Culture courses offer historical and philosophical contexts in which visual arts has been developed and practiced, the Studio Arts courses help the students learn the fundamentals of an art form and develop it through practice. Both the components work in tandem and help the student acquire an integrated understanding of art.


Faculty at Visual Arts

The Department of Visual Arts’s faculty includes visual art practitioners, working through varied media and methods, as well as art historians and visual studies scholars with research interests and expertise spanning the early medieval to the contemporary period.


Art Studio

The Department of Visual Arts offers Minor courses in Art histories and Art practice at an undergraduate level. The art studios at the department provide facilities for some of the foundational courses in Visual Arts. Students have the possibilities to experiment in Drawing and explore the various experimental possibilities in the studio. The studio also houses facilities to experiment in oil and easel painting. There are provisions for clay modelling, clay and plaster sculpture making, terracotta pottery and firing. The studio houses electric wheels and electricity kiln for students to learn terracotta sculpture and pottery making. There are provisions to experiment in print techniques with a lino and etching press provided in the studio. Plans are underway to expand the studio facilities in the near future.




Contact Us

For any queries regarding Visual Arts programmes, please contact: -

Rakhi Peswani

Head of Department


Rajendra Tewari

Department Manager


Shrradaa Ramesh

Visual Arts Student Representative, Academic Year 2023-2024


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