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How to make the most of your Ashoka Experience

Students from the previous undergraduate batches at Ashoka University reflect on their own journey to provide some valuable advices/insights to the incoming batch of freshers

The new batch of undergraduate students are leaving behind the familiarity of life as they knew it and taking a plunge into the unknown world of college. Excitement and anxieties must be running high, making them wonder what this new phase of their life is going to look like. It is only natural to have these thoughts. 

We sought suggestions from some seniors at Ashoka University to help them navigate this new phase with comfort. Here is what they had to say: 

“I know things are daunting the moment you enter, and things can get difficult and that impostor syndrome is an ever-looming problem. But, please remember that you’re here for a reason and that you are unique in your own way ❤️”

Deeksha Puri, UG’23

“Ashoka is a place where you will often want to do a lot of things. Explore everything, but pursue only those which you are really passionate about. Do not let the fear of missing out get to you, you will find your calling soon!”

Rochan Mohapatra, UG’23

“When you step into Ashoka, there is talent all around you. You might feel incompetent at times but trust me, you have so much in you. Shut the noise and focus on helping yourself grow. You would not even realize but Ashoka will shape you in numerous ways.”

Archisha Sharma, UG’23

“Ashoka as a place can be a bit overwhelming to come into. But trust me, you would get past that feeling when it becomes your home and an inseparable part of your heart. From the wholesome residence life, diversity of peers, to cutting-edge classes, you get it all!”

Jai Desai, ASP’23

“Always be true to yourself and take things slowly. Please try not to hold back and express yourself without worrying about the naysayers.
PS: Manage your time wisely and you will do great.”

Ojas Arora, ASP’23

“Remember that you do not need to have it figured out. Take it slow if it is overwhelming. It is easy to get lost in your own feelings, but remember that everyone around is also pushing for their own goals. Sleep enough and have fun whenever you can because you can accomplish more with a sound mind than with a stressed one.”

Emmanuel Banda, UG23

“It’s okay to be unsure of who you are and what you want. Allow yourself the liberty of uncertainty and take your time to carve your space. There is so much to try and three years is plenty of time- reach out to people, join clubs and societies, and sign up for internships that allow you to explore. Soak it all in- Ashoka is yours to make and to revel in.”

Manasi Narula, UG23

“Join as many clubs as you can. Make a hundred friends. Study but only those things that actually bring you joy. Do not obsess over your grades but do obsess over your personality. Make every second at Ashoka worth it. Have fun and come out of this university as a happy confident satisfied individual because I swear to God there is no better place to be you than Ashoka.”

Bhaavya Gupta, UG22

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