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Department of Chemistry

The study of Chemistry provides a molecular level of description as well as insights into chemical bonding, as to why a bond breaks and a new bond is formed. At Ashoka, our objective is to teach Chemistry in an integrative and holistic manner connecting with other branches of science, physics, biology, and material chemistry. Mathematics and computer sciences play key roles in simulation of molecules and materials. As Ashoka moves to an integrative science teaching and research, Chemistry will play a major role in this development. The main aim of the department is to integrate interdisciplinary research with teaching. To this end, chemistry will play a major role in synthetic biology, a thrust area of Ashoka University. Further, this will help in looking for drugs for novel diseases. Chemistry will play a significant role in materials research, understanding of catalysis, nanoscale materials, harnessing of renewable energy, as well as in providing clean water, separation, and a clean environment. As a long term objective, the department will seek to carry out translation of many of the researches in the above areas for societal needs and connection with industries related to water, energy, and healthcare.  As an immediate objective, department focus is on holistic teaching in an integrative manner. 


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Ashoka has state-of-the-art Chemistry research laboratories that are equipped with essential & advanced instruments. The facilities available to the Chemistry department include: UG Lab with Chemical Fume Hood, Digital Melting Point Apparatus, Double Distillation Water Set-Up, Karl Fischer Titrator, and Rota Vapor with Chiller & High Vacuum Pump. Chemical Refrigerator High Temperature Dry Oven Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy Instrument with Kinetic Facility



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