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Department of Mathematics

Some of humankind’s most powerful and beautiful ideas occur in the field of Mathematics. For centuries it has also been the language of natural sciences, and this has now expanded to cover many of the social sciences. The wide applicability of mathematical ideas has made it one of the most fruitful arenas of human enquiry. The subject has various facets: logical reasoning, analytical rigour, problem-solving, recognition of patterns, computation, developing general theories and applying them to specific problems. This makes the subject an ideal ground for learning a broad range of skills required by the modern technological society. 

The Department of Mathematics has created an inspiring environment for studying mathematics, with a modern curriculum, small class sizes and many mentoring opportunities for students. The members of the faculty are well known around the world for their research. They are also dedicated teachers who care about the growth of each student. Past students have pursued further education from leading institutions in the world or joined prestigious companies.


Faculty at Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has world class faculty with PhDs from premier institutions in India, USA and Europe. Our faculty is internationally reputed for its research and collaborates with mathematicians around the world. In addition, they are committed to their teaching and mentoring activities.



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For any queries regarding Mathematics programmes, please contact: -

Rajendra Bhatia

Head of Department


Bhudev Sharma

Department Manager


Monu Jangra

Student Representative


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