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Centre for Data, Learning and Decision Sciences (CDLDS)

The growing data, compute and algorithmic advancements are rapidly and profoundly transforming the world. And this is early days in the data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence driven revolution! At CDLDS we conduct applied and methodological research in data and learning sciences at the highest level to aid in informed decision making to address the complex challenges faced by the society.

Initially our focus is on four research areas: Data driven financial research, weather and climate modelling, reinforcement learning and epidemiological modelling.

The center will leverage Ashoka’s interdisciplinary strengths in computer sciences, mathematics, economics, physical and social sciences to foster interdisciplinary collaborations that creatively interpret and analyze data to solve societal problems. It will help train young minds through exciting course work and projects and expose them to a deep and varied mathematical toolkit to uncover hidden patterns in large and complex datasets.


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