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Abhinaya | 2014


Establish and create a more sustainable and steady dance environment on the Ashoka campus, which includes goals like representing Ashoka in various college fests, expanding the team and holding dance events, workshops and classes on campus. The ultimate goal is to create and explore new ideas and ways of presenting the art form.

Art and Design Collective | 2022

The Art & Design Collective is a community for artists and designers to connect, collaborate and learn from one another. We’re looking to establish a space for students at Ashoka to share inspiration and have an outlet for their creative aspirations. We host activities, workshops, interactive sessions, spotlight Ashokan and non-Ashokan artists, and more. Launched in January 2022, we have over 80 members and have held successful online and offline events.

Ashoka Debating Union | 2015


Create a culture of organised debating at Ashoka.

Ashoka MUN | 2018


Propagate a Model United Nations culture on campus by taking part in simulated UN conferences in various educational institutions

Hindvi | 2017


Foster and advance the culture of the Hindustani language and its art, literature, music and heritage on campus through open meetings, events and other forms of engagement.

Red Brick Words


Provide a platform at Ashoka where students explore and appreciate spoken word poetry, are encouraged to write in various forms and learn how to translate it into performance. Aim for writers to develop their craft and understand the importance of feedback and revision in order to create effective pieces of both written and performance art.

Hallyu : Korean Cultural Club | 2020


Our very own in-house club for all fans and non-fans of all things (South) Korean. Be it music, dance, shows, fashion, the language, or just about anything, you’ll have a place in this club!

Lang-up | 2020


A community for all language learning enthusiasts to come together to learn new languages and enhance already known ones by developing a culture of peer-oriented learning.

Her Campus Ashoka | 2017


A worldwide college journal for students, especially women, that is essentially a guide to college life.

Kalinga magazine | 2018


A humour/satire magazine, commenting on all the little banalities of life on campus.

Caperture | 2017


Create and fuel an enriching culture of photography at Ashoka.

Navrang | 2016


Promote a culture of making, understanding and appreciating films on campus by providing opportunities for the student body to engage with a vast array of films through weekly screenings, numerous collaborations with academic and non-academic societies, discussions, talks and workshops. Also engage with the student body through the launching of multiple filmmaking projects which everyone can take part in.

Eeshto: The Board Gaming Society | 2018


Develop a board gaming culture on campus, which facilitates learning various subjects through board games.

Ashoka Farm Fresh: the Kitchen Gardening Club | 2018


Actively grow organic vegetables and host events to distribute the produce on campus.

Odyssey | 2018


Provide a holistic view and knowledge of the world to the students through trips, excursions, treks as well as events and talks. Engage in responsible traveling and learn about the history, geography, and sociology of the places and their people. Houses – Himgiri and Club Atlas

Ashoka Consulting Club | 2017


Aims to bring together bright and dedicated students from diverse majors, in order to develop a problem solving mind-set, compete at case study competitions, crack consulting interviews and hone skills like structured thinking, logical reasoning and communicating effectively.

Fintech Club | 2021

Aim to demystify the fintech industry and bridge the gap between undergraduates and this sector.

Ashoka University International Students Association (AUISA) | 2016


Enhance the liberal arts experience for all students by promoting multicultural learning and global engagement. Work towards the welfare of students who cross international borders to be at Ashoka. Foster a sense of community, especially with our host country, in the spirit of inclusivity.

Ashoka University Queer Collective | 2018


Foster community engagement and facilitate conversations about gender and sexuality, all the while ensuring that queerness is celebrated. The central aim is community building and both solidarity and visibility for and amongst the Queers who live on campus, especially the ones for whom the socio-cultural impacts of homophobia have been massive. The goals include but are not limited to integration of new Ashokans, sensitization about queer identities, active engagement with the slippery slopes of sexuality and peer support for queers on campus.

Enactus, Ashoka University | 2017


An international non-profit organisation, which provides students with the opportunity to engage in community development projects. Aims to create and establish sustainable business projects to generate effective employment opportunities, uproot prevalent social issues and contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Kintsugi | 2018


Create and sustain a peer led on-campus engagement with topics of mental health, thereby building an environment that espouses a balanced and healthy lifestyle at Ashoka. The goals are threefold – raising awareness about issues surrounding mental health, enabling peers to facilitate support, and providing a space to release stress – all in order to foster a healthier community at Ashoka.

Mad Batter: The Baking Club | 2018


Popularise the baking culture on campus, to develop various skills in relation to the art of baking and to hone people’s talents and in order to provide a platform for people to share their passion for baking.

Annual Traditions

The Clubs get ample opportunity to showcase their talents through annual traditions created by the Office such as Jashn-e-Jazba (a platform for clubs to provide a sneak-peak into what they do); Annual Production Fortnight (a year-end mega event) where clubs bring to the fore their creative work that the year’s hard work and passion has culminated with; Clubs Fair, inter-university events and regular events. They are, therefore, expected to be very proactive on community programming so as to sustain their “active” status. 



Ashoka University’s COVID-19 warriors were the presenters at Merit Awards Ceremony

Recognising the outstanding contributions and initiatives by students is at the heart of our tradition at Ashoka University. Here’s a wrap up of the recently-held Merit Awards Ceremony at the campus


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