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Department of Media Studies

Ashoka University’s department of Media Studies guides students to become responsible and creative professionals while undertaking any form of media work. The Media Studies courses are designed to inform, educate and transform students into memorable storytellers while keeping them synchronized with different layers of the media function in contemporary times. The undergraduate minor in Media Studies programme offers systematic training in technical skills which assist students in constructing and deconstructing media products. The Media Studies programme’s faculty members nurture the desire of responsible and creative expression in the students


Faculty at Media Studies

The department of Media Studies is full of innovative thinkers and practitioners who teach students how media ethics, law, context and history decide the final media output. The media studies faculty members explore topics on popular culture, contemporary art controversies, experimental literature and the relationship between media and politics.

Facilities and Partnerships


Ashoka’s well-equipped Media lab is the space for all our content creation courses. AK Ranjit, Director of the Media Lab is on hand for all queries regarding the lab’s use and equipment.The media lab has production and post-production equipment.


The Media Studies Department engages in unique partnerships with Ashoka University’s various research centres to create the possibility of collaborative research and production projects, and interdisciplinary media courses and material.



Contact Us

For any queries regarding Media Studies programmes, please contact:-

Tisha Srivastav

Head of Department


Rajendra Tiwari

Department Manager


Abhiir Bhalla

Student Representative


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