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Department of Performing Arts

Ashoka University’s department of Performing Arts offers a set of courses which deal with the dual ideas of performance as a practical phenomenon and performance as a field of study. The Performing Artscourses take students through a range of performance modes including theatre, music & dance. The Performing Arts faculty uses a range of practical techniques taken from sub-continental as well as global performance practices in teaching the students to become multi-skilled creative performers.


Faculty at Performing Arts

The department of Performing Arts faculty is comprises mainly of professors who are simultaneously grounded in one or several performance idioms as well as engaged in extensive research on these idioms and the larger contexts within which they exist. The faculty members use methods involving creativity and stylistic technique as well as the development of critical thinking skills in an effort to grasp the essence of performance. This ensures that the programme is led by practice and informed by research.



Contact Us

For any queries regarding Performing Arts programmes, please contact:-

Justin McCarthy



Abhinaya Penneswaran

Department Stakeholder


Rohan Manoj

Student Representative


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