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Ashoka Scholars Programme in Performing Arts

Ashoka University offers a year-long Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research (DipASR) to students who have completed the three-year Bachelor’s Programme, during which students can take a wide range of elective options across a variety of subjects, as well as gain valuable research experience in specific disciplines. Students must complete 32 credits to graduate from the ASP and may choose to complete an advanced major in a particular discipline or may choose to study subjects across disciplines.

Structure & Curriculum

ASP students can avail of a number of ways to explore Performing Arts. They may:

  • complete a Concentration (16 credits),
  • complete a Minor (24 credits), or
  • simply take any number of Performing Arts courses on offer.
  • Capstone Project

    ASP students may also apply for a Capstone Project, which extends over 2 semesters and is worth a total of 8 credits, 4 credits per semester. The first semester must result in a thesis-type paper, the second in a performance that is directly related to the paper. The Capstone Project is open to:

    • students who wish to complete a Concentration or a Minor in Performing Arts – the 8 credits from the Capstone Project then count toward the relevant requirements,
    • students who have already completed either a Concentration or a Minor in Performing Arts,
    • students who are not already completing a Capstone Project in a different discipline.

    It is strongly recommended that students pursuing the Capstone Project take at least one additional course from the Performing Arts offerings both in the Monsoon and in the Spring semester of their year as this will help them engage with tangible academic material and with developing their skills to further develop their project.

    To apply for a Capstone Project, students must find an advisor to be approved by the department and then complete the Capstone registration form during the registration for the Monsoon semester of their ASP year.

More About Ashoka Scholars' Programme

All undergraduates graduating with Bachelor’s Degrees at the end of their third year, or who have completed by that time at least academic 92 credits of their degree programme, are eligible for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research programme, also known as the Ashoka Scholars Programme (ASP). Students who need to complete up to 8 credits of their undergraduate degree must do so within the first semester of the ASP. All students who fall into either of these categories must formally apply for admission to the ASP towards the end of the Spring semester of their third year. The exact date will be circulated by the OAA.

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