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Faculty at Ashoka comprises authors, scientists, historians, journalists, artists, and entrepreneurs. Each of them has contributed to relevant and high-quality research in their respective fields. The diversity of experience and research in Ashoka’s faculty reflects the University’s foundational goals. Ashoka actively strives to build inclusive communities and empower students to see the world differently – in their work, in and outside the classroom, in peer interactions, and towards communities. With a student to faculty ratio of 11:1, students have ample opportunity and space to learn under some of the finest minds in the country and the world.


Office of the Dean of Faculty 

The Office of the Dean of Faculty oversees the functioning and welfare of Ashoka University faculty. The Office coordinates with various Departments for the recruitment of new faculty. It oversees the tenure and promotion process. It is responsible for the administrative management of faculty leave and sabbaticals and the annual faculty research grant. 

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Faculty at Ashoka

Research at Ashoka

Research at Ashoka

Ashoka University aims to change the way we look at higher education in India.

Research at Ashoka University pursues big ideas, creates new knowledge and makes discoveries that truly matter. Ashoka University fosters a rich research community, across disciplines and supports the research pursuits of faculty members, visiting scholars, students, affiliated institutions, and other research institutions.

The intellectual infrastructure allows us to recognise existing academic gaps and societal issues, to develop solutions and inspire change. Ashoka University’s interdisciplinary nature of research pushes the boundaries and bridges disciplines to open endless possibilities for exploration.

Faculty Applications

We are seeking talented faculty to re-imagine the way the majors are built in their fields. We encourage both active research and engaged pedagogy as a way of bringing cutting-edge research into the classroom. We are particularly interested in working with academics who are excited about conceiving new ways of teaching in their field and exploring their research with smart students and brilliant colleagues.

Candidates will need to have a PhD in hand prior to starting at Ashoka. Applications require a cover letter, CV, statement of teaching philosophy, statement of research, writing sample, and between 3 and 5 letters of reference.

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Study at Ashoka