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Why Biosciences?

India is currently among the top 12 global biotechnology destinations and ranks third in the Asia Pacific region. With a market size of $11.6 billion in 2017, it aspires to reach $100 billion by 2025. This can be realised through enabling government policies, and public and private capital. However, there exist major gaps – while the country has the second highest number of FDA-approved manufacturing plants, India still commands only a meagre two per cent of the global biotechnology business. This is not surprising since the highest growth is in new ‘sunrise’ sectors propelled by new knowledge and technologies, where India lags.

The Trivedi School of Biosciences, along with other Ashokan initiatives including the Ashoka Innovation Centre (AIC), is intended to be an enabler in such sunrise sectors for the regional and national knowledge ecosystems.

To bring together bioscience, other natural sciences, computational science and social sciences, with a mission to enable sunrise sectors in biotechnology and health research. Following the Ashokan principles of learning across disciplinary boundaries to bring meaningful impact and change, we are engaged in a holistic study of how various components of living systems function, interact, and evolve to shape the health of individuals and ecosystems.

The School of Biosciences provides a stimulating and collaborative environment for foundational and multidisciplinary education and research. Intellectual, personal, and professional growth is emphasized, with opportunities to innovate in education, undertake research at different scales of biological organization, as well as to take up local and global challenges via applied research.

An 116,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art building that will house shared laboratory spaces for biosciences and chemistry, computing facilities, faculty offices, and research student spaces. 

Centralised core facilities for specialised equipment, animal house and BSL-III facilities, instrumentation, and efficient research management and support systems are planned.

Scientific Advisors


Trivedi School of Biosciences consists of expert faculty members from around the globe, dedicated to developing and teaching interdisciplinary scientific approaches to the study of biosciences. Our areas of expertise range from molecules to cells, tissues to individuals, and organisms to ecosystems.


Ashoka’s Biology research initiatives are aided by the University’s state-of-the-art research facilities. The department supports experiments ranging from single-molecule studies to ecological studies. The department’s research projects are briefly segmented into four categories: Biophysics & Biochemistry; Cell & Developmental Biology; Computational & Mathematical Biology; and Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution.


Ashoka’s entire department of Biology is engaged in creating new knowledge which can have far-reaching effects globally. Click on the tab below to read different publications from recent years.

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